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Kalindikhal Pass Trek
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Kalindikhal Pass Trek

We wish to explore the world in the best way and everyone craves for beauty. Nature’s beauty is undoubtedly the finest and the raw magnificence of nature is totally incomparable with any human creation. The grandeur of the mountains, or the…
Everest at dusk

Everest Base Camp Trek - A TALE OF 2 HOBBITS

Everest Base Camp Trek - A TALE OF 2 HOBBITS (by Ashwin) A flash of the moment decision with very limited deliberation and off we booked our tickets to the Everest base camp trek. We embarked on this journey with very limited preparation and…
Zanskar festival

Zanskar Festival, Ladakh

Zanskar Festival, the most important and colourful Buddhist festival in isolated Ladakh. Ladakh is among the top ranked beautiful places of the country and in the top corner of Ladakh, there is a beautiful place, not much infested by tourists…
Zanskar in Ladakh

Travel to Zanskar in Ladakh

Zanskar Valley in Ladakh - The road not taken Travels never fail to give you the unmatched adrenaline rush. Discovering new places, seeking out adventures, getting to know new people, and nestling in the different cultures, travelling has its…
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We Ramblers is now reviewed on Stridetravel.com

We’re happy to announce that We Ramblers is now featured and reviewed on leading tour and reviews marketplace, Stride Travel. With over 25,000 tour reviews, Stride is the largest adventure tour reviews and comparison site, offering travelers…
adventure insurance
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Adventure Insurance while Trekking in Nepal

Adventure Insurance while Trekking in Nepal This blog is based on our experience in Everest region. This is probably the most difficult decision that one will take with no correct information of claim procedure being available with the sellers…
Everest Base Camp

Fitness Level Required for Everest Base Camp Trek

This is really a tough question to answer; when someone asks what is the fitness level required for Everest Base Camp Trek ? Being a frequent traveler/trekker to Everest zone; I can say with confidence that any fitness level is absolutely…
Nepal quake affect area

Is Everest Base Camp Trek Safe after Nepal Earthquake

People are frequently asking if Everest base camp trek is safe after the Nepal earthquake. I will say YES and the entire zone is very much safe for the trekking. This is basis the real ground report from the trekking zone. The earthquake…

Food and beverages during Everest Base Camp Trek

What about food, alcohol and any other entertainment in the region of Everest Base Camp trek When it comes to food, you will find a lot of options in this region across all destinations during your trek. But it is a different thing that all…
Helicopter rescue during Everest base camp trek

Rescue during Everest Base Camp Trek

Often people ask this big question, “How good and effective the rescue services are in the Everest region when we are trekking for Everest Base Camp ? “. There are two types of rescue 1: Helicopter Rescue and 2: Rescue by Pony. Helicopter…