Do’s and Don’ts for Muktinath Temple Tour

Nepal is a small and beautiful South Asian country that houses various sacred and religious places such as Monasteries, Gompas, Temples and more. If you’re planning to tour this beautiful nation to explore its religious and historical significance as well as Himalayan beauty, then it is important to know the local rules of the nation to avoid any hassle.

If temples like Muktinath Temple are in your bucket-list of Nepal tour, then you must follow below-given rules to make your voyage more satisfactory and trouble-free. As Muktinath Temple holds great significance amongst Hindu, and Buddhist religions, it is necessary for each and every visitors to follow the rituals of the temple.

Do’s For Muktinath Temple

Some Do’s of Muktinath Temple, as well as other religious places and markets of Nepal, are as follows:

  • Before entering Sri Muktinath or any other temple make sure to take out your shoes since shoes are prohibited in Temple complex.
  • Always keep your belongings in temple lockers before entering the temple to avoid any theft cases.
  • Always take the flashlight with yourself since you might suffer from power cuts as the area faces loads of power cuts on a daily basis.
  • Try to put appropriate clothes when visiting this or any other religious site in Nepal as short, indicative as well as revealing dresses that exhibit skin are not measured suitable here since Nepalese are a little conservative.
  • Always revolve around the temples in a clockwise direction as it the tradition here.
  • Get ready yourself with proper guidance of a professional guide to avoid any rule-breaking while touring Muktinath Temple or any other place.

Don’t For Muktinath Temple

  • Don’t take any type of drugs with you as it is considered illegal in Nepal and can be fined for this action.
  • Don’t drink and smoke inside the temple complex as it is considered offence by the religious people of Nepal.
  • Don’t take photographs inside the premises of temple as it strictly prohibited in most of the temples in Nepal. Whereas you can take a picture of exterior surroundings of the temple. Photography during various festivals and daily rituals inside the temple is not permitted.
  • Don’t wear or take leather items such as Purse, Jackets, belts etc. with you while you are visiting the temple as leather goods are not allowed at temple premises.
  • Local people of Nepal generally don’t like the open physical contact amid man and women so try to avoid showcasing open affection with your partner while you are visiting temples or market places.
  • Don’t hurt cows in the region of Nepal as they are considered sacred in the country.

If you are also looking forward to a trip to Nepal to visit Muktinath Temple and all other attractions, you must contact for Muktinath Yatra and Tour Packages to get proper guidance and local area information so that you can obey all the required rules and regulations to avoid any kind of problem.


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