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Adventure Insurance while Trekking in Nepal

Adventure Insurance while Trekking in Nepal This blog is based on our experience in Everest region. This is probably the most difficult decision that one will take with no correct information of claim procedure being available with the sellers…
Everest Base Camp

Fitness Level Required for Everest Base Camp Trek

This is really a tough question to answer; when someone asks what is the fitness level required for Everest Base Camp Trek ?Being a frequent traveler/trekker to Everest zone; I can say with confidence that any fitness level is absolutely…
Nepal quake affect area

Is Everest Base Camp Trek Safe after Nepal Earthquake

People are frequently asking if Everest base camp trek is safe after the Nepal earthquake. I will say YES and the entire zone is very much safe for the trekking. This is basis the real ground report from the trekking zone.The earthquake…
Helicopter rescue during Everest base camp trek

Rescue during Everest Base Camp Trek

Often people ask this big question, “How good and effective the rescue services are in the Everest region when we are trekking for Everest Base Camp ? “. There are two types of rescue 1: Helicopter Rescue and 2: Rescue by Pony. Helicopter…
Khumbu Glacier Ice - Everest Base Camp Trek Cost

Trek to Everest Base Camp and Kala Patthar

Trekking to the Everest Base Camp is there in everyone’s mind world over. I personally suggest it is a trek which can be done by all and not necessarily for only the super fit individuals. I fell some part of the trek is really tough but you…