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Archives July 2017

Langtang-Gosaikunda-Helambu Trek

Langtang-Gosaikunda-Helambu Trek

Trekking is all about extracting the best of nature and gaze at some of the most brilliant sights of Mother earth. Trekking journey also offers a sumptuous dive into some of the most thrilling trails and rewards the trekkers with an astounding experience that one can cherish for a long time. My trekking expeditions to various lands have made me understand that once you chose to walk on a daunting trail, a bucket full of surprises awaits you. The Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu Trek that I attempted recently was nothing less than amazement. From the surreal beauty of Kathmandu to the diverse nature of Nepal, this was a trek that has created a lasting impression in my life.The main attractions on the trek;Well, the journey was highly anticipated and throughout the walk of long 17 days I was never out of outstanding sights. Like any other trek, this journey also had some primary attraction spots and along the way, I did enjoy the sublime sights in the Langtang – Helambu trek.From the majestic and humongous view of Langtang Mountain range which includes the main mountains Jirung, Ganesh Himal, Dorjelakapato the serene ambiance of the vast Gosaikunda Lake, this was a trail perfectly blended to deliver the most astonishing sights. The mountains were snow-capped and filled with bewildering beauty. The likes of the mighty ranges were complemented with the subtropical forest which was blessed with a lot of vegetation. Apart from all these the wonderful lake of Gosaikunda always attracts a number of trekkers because of the beautiful location. Here I visited the ancient temple of Lord Shiva (A Hindu Deity) which itself is nearly 3000 years old and filled myself with a sublime experience.Location of the trek; The location of the journey was perfectly placed in the captivating Langtang National park complemented with the most satisfying and alluring views of the enthralling Langtang Range.Walking and exploring the biosphere reserve was a different set of experience.Best time to visit; The Best time to go on this trek is the time that I attempted and that was between February – May. The enthusiast travelers out there can also choose to conquer this destination even in between September – December. During the months of July and August, it is not advisable to trek as it is the rainy season and the trek becomes slippery inviting accident and injuries.As I carried forward with my journey from Kathmandu each day was filled with the most astonishing raw beauty of Nepal. The first couple of days to Syabrubesi and Lama Hotel was filled with an amazing walk and complimented with some highly enticing views of the Manaslu Range, the majestic Annapurna Group of Peaks and even the savoring Ganesh Himal mountain. My walk to the beautiful Langtang Village was surely one of a fascinating ride that did give me a deeper insight into the local lifestyle and culture of the people. The Kyangjin Gompa was a cherishing delight that rewarded me with a chance to rejuvenate my soul from within. Through the other destinations, while I reached the Gosaikunda Lake, I was totally enthralled with the artistic setting of the lake. The panoramic picturesque of the region surrounding the lake was bewildering and I was even dumbfounded with the vast lake.The journey forward was lined with some other remarkable places like Ghopte, Melamchigaon, Tarkeghyang and Sermathang. Each place had something unique in store for me. From the thrilling trails to the monasteries of the region, the places also rewarded me with stupendous sights of many different ranges. On my way back I stopped at the capital, Kathmandu and also spent an extra day to explore the city.The UNESCO World Heritage Sights and the monasteries were fabulous. The lip smacking delicacies and the busy market streets were something any traveler will cherish forever.

Gosaikunda Lake Trek

Gosaikunda Lake Trek, Nepal

Trekking expeditions are extremely fantastic even if the destinations do not pose to be daunting. My trekking journeys have always been quite fascinating and each time I chose a trekking trail, at the end I was never disappointed. When I read about the Gosaikunda lake Trek in Nepal, I knew this was supposed to be a different kind of experience but I decided to attempt the journey. Nepal has a number of stupendous trekking trails and the Gosaikunda Lake is one of the most popular owing to the aesthetic values and the outstanding locations.Though Gosaikunda Lake is a pilgrimage site and a great number of mythological histories are associated with the lake, but the artistic setting of the lake makes it an astounding trekking destination. A lot of people come and visit this place to cleanse their soul from within as the lake is often believed to be extremely pure.It is said that the sharp effect of poison had burnt Shiva’s throat, as a result, he used the water of this lake to cool down the effect and get relief. The beauty of Gosaikunda Lake is said to increase 100 times than that of usual days on a fool moon night.Kathmandu- When you are trekking in Nepal, you ought to start from the capital, Kathmandu. As I arrived in Kathmandu, I was totally bewildered with the beautiful place. The vibrant colors, busy streets, temples, and even the people were extremely alluring. In Kathmandu, I also visited the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sights and the Buddhist Shrine was the most beautiful of all. From Kathmandu, I proceeded on with the journey and took a bus from the local stop Macchapokhari to the next stop of my destination that is Dhunche. As Dhunche does not have many things to explore, I will not be adding it to the main stop list of mine. From Dhunche one needs to travel to Deurali which is nearly 2700 meters away and at a random speed you can reach the place in 3-4 hours, as I was injured it took me 5 hours in total to reach Deurali.Deurali: Deurali is the place which is of multi utility. Extremely beautiful locations, diverse landscape, and an astonishing reflection of the culture and heritage of Nepal, Deurali was a remarkable stop in the journey. You can make it a place for a night stay or just stepping stone to Gosaikunda. The scenic ambiance of the place was surreal and as I checked in to a tea lodge, my excitement just raised to a new bar.Dhimsa: From Deurali, I started on my journey to the next and highly anticipated destination, Dhimsa. Though I did set out for Dhimsa, my primary destination today was the Gosaikunda Lake Going via Cholangpati, I reached Gosaikunda and was totally enthralled at the striking brilliance of nature in there. I even visited the famous Shiva temple nearby and rejuvenated my soul from within. The national park I went to had the best of nature conserved for the travelers like me. The picturesque beauty of the lake was post card perfect and every way I looked at, the beauty just kept on increasing. Strolling around the lake was a very serene experience. In Gosaikunda, I had a different yet amazing experience that I will cherish for a very long time to come.The Langtang Mountain can make you feel awesome as the summits are high and snow capped. It means that you can enjoy a trip which will excite you more than your usual trekking trips. One thing more the nearby rivers also allow you to do kayaking and snorkeling which clearly shows that Nepal is blessed with two things, one nature’s beauty and secondly the fighting spirit because of which even being badly hit by the natural and man-made disaster they are still ready to cooperate with anyone who is a traveler.

Kalindikhal Pass Trek

We wish to explore the world in the best way and everyone craves for beauty. Nature’s beauty is undoubtedly the finest and the raw magnificence of nature is totally incomparable with any human creation. The grandeur of the mountains, or the vast fields, the gushing rivers or the cascading waterfalls, the best of nature is any day much better than a luxury 5-star hotel or a club.

I have realized in the eventful years of my life that trekking can soothe my soul from within and reward me with unmatched nature’s vista. Though I have covered a number of famous trekking destinations, my journey in Uttarakhand was brilliant. The route was to Kalindikhal Pass and through some really incredible destinations.

Uttarakhand is famous for being the abode of God, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Uttarkahshi, Badrinath, and even Gangotri, Uttarakhand has it all and to up the excitement, it is also lined with some really fascinating trekking routes and my journey to Kalindikhal Pass made me realize that this place is truly mesmerizing.

When I planned my journey, little did I know that it will surprise me with diverse experiences each day?. I had the chance to explore the very famous pilgrimage spots of the country, camp at the sumptuous base of the Shivling Peak, witness the famed Gangotri Glacier, and sink in the serenity of the Alaknanda Valley and Vasuki Tal.

I began my journey from my hometown, Delhi and travelled to one of the popular destination called Rishikesh. The next 3 days of my journey was dedicated to exploring the famous town of Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, and Gangotri. All of these 3 town offers unparalleled experience. While I tried adventure sporting in Rishikesh, in Ttarkashi I spent most of the time indulging in the years old rituals practiced in the Ashrams. Gangotri was a place of it’s own caliber. It has ashrams and temples and the setting of the town was truly enchanting. The pine and cedar trees covered the background entirely while the Gangotri River was flowing in its full form.

The journey ahead comprised more thrill and adventure and Bhojwasa was my destination on the 4th day of the journey. The walk did not take more than 5 hours and along the way, I was overwhelmed to gaze at the bewildered sight of the Himalayas and also the intensity of the Bhagirathi River. The campsite was equally beautiful.

The next day I was walking to Nandanvan and once I reached there enjoying the incredible sights, I was completely dumbfounded by the beauty of the place. The captivating views of the Sudarshan Peak, Mt. Shivling, and Bhagirathi Group of Peaks filled the canvas entirely. It was a delightful sight.

The following day’s walk took me to one of the most compelling campsites of the entire journey. Vasu Ki Tal is extremely rich in natural beauty and the walk is equally enticing. The lake creates a serene setting and the Mt. Satopnath and Vasuki Parbat complements brilliantly to the beauty of the place. Over the next day, I walked to Khara Patthar and my relentless soul and body were finally feeling the punch.

I realized in the morning that today is supposed to be the most brilliant journey as I would be walking to the Kalindikhal Base. A long 10 km walk was awaiting and it was quite tiresome. As I reached the place I was bewildered by the enthralling and artistic setting of the region.

Yes! the day was here and I was all geared up to bask in the glory of the Kalindikhal Pass. A 12 km hike took me to an elevation of 5, 947 m, and the picturesque panorama of the region was astounding. Though the walk took a huge toll on my body, but as I walked to the top of the pass I witnessed a really beguiling sight of the surrounding Himalayas. It was truly gorgeous. My campsite was a long way decent to Raja Parav and that meant that my primary destination is covered.

Over the next 4 days I travelled to Ghastoli, Bardrinath, Arwatal, and Joshimath and finally concluded my journey yet again in Rishikesh. These towns were extremely beautiful and I vividly remember each day in these towns. I spent an extra day to explore Haridwar and I was truly mesmerized. Take some time out of your busy schedule to experience this astonishing ride.

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