Anmo to Serchu Trek

Anmo to Serchu

Anmo to Serchu

Trekking has always been one of my favorite thing to do. A dive into the most remote places in the country, walking on the thrilling trails, the sight of the grand peaks, and the journey through the small villages, trekking is a complete adventure that can put the harmony to any chaotic life. I have been to some amazing destinations in the country and have attempted some super fine trekking trails and each of these journeys has always rewarded me with sublime experiences.

Leh Ladakh is undoubtedly a trekker’s paradise and every trail coming out of Ladakh is filled with loads of adventures and thrills. When I read about the sumptuous Zanskar Valley, instantaneously I decided to visit the place explore the trail that leads to Serchu Village. Though Zanskar itself is a magical place but the trek from Anmo to Serchu have been well appreciated by many travel enthusiasts.

My journey to this trail was a couple of years back and it was a super amazing experience. The trail fits some of the incredible scenes, brilliantly crafted nature’s extravaganza and some really beautiful villages. The thrill of walking on this high altitude challenging trail was unmatched and the incredible monasteries I visited were truly beautiful.

My journey started with a drive from the very famous Padum Village and took me to the very last point where the road finally ends and the trek began from there. En route to Padum, I was cherishing the inexhaustible beauty of the surrounding and even stopped at the Burdan and Mune Gompa. From Anmo, I immediately started with my trek journey towards Cha Village and took the path running along the river. The campsite was supreme in every way. I sipped on the early tea the next morning and just geared up for the next walk to Tangtse. The walk started with a descent to a river and from there a hike again through the other villages of Yal, Testa, and Kuru. The setting of the Tangtse Village was a bit different. Small houses surrounded by vast endless fields were looking quite beautiful.

On the 3rd day of the journey, my destination was Zingchen and the trail mostly ran beside the river. As soon as I entered the gorge on the way, I was overwhelmed with the craftsmanship of Mother Nature. I had to leave the gorge on walking further and then follow the river yet again to finally reach Zingchen. It was a captivating place to be in. The raw form of nature without any human fabrication was certainly one the most savoring sight of my life. I had to begin the next day at the earliest as a very long waited for me. The designated trail passes through the Phitse La and leads to Churmik Marpo and takes up about 9 hours. As soon as I got to the base of the pass, I could feel the sting and my back was paining. I caught my breath for some time on the base of the Phitse La and then resumed on the walk to the top. Now when I tackled my way to the top, I was totally dumbfounded by the exhilarating views of the surrounding. I thoroughly enjoyed the bewildering panorama from the top of the pass and then started the descending walk to reach Churmik Marpo.

My journey was nearing the end and I today I was walking to the last destination before Serchu Village. Umlung was the destination and the trail had fine adventures all along the way. I remember crossing the Lingti River over a horse back and also gazing at the stupendous views. From there a flat walking trail led me to Umlung, my night stop.
Now Serchu was the last spot and a 4hours of walking was all I had to do to reach this enchanting destination. I traversed along the river, the walk was quite easy and enjoyable and finally had to cross the Tsarap Chu River before reaching the populated Serchu Village. It was quite fun to see so many people after so many days. I had delightful food at a local dhaba and finally concluded the journey.

This was a short journey lasting over 6 days but rewarded me with a highly enticing experience. I interacted with the villagers, had a thrilling time walking, witnessed astounding views, and even enjoyed the striking brilliance of the greenery. If you long for a similar experience, try this journey soon.