Auden’s Col

Auden’s Col

I crave to witness the unrealistic beauty of nature each day, but my lifestyle in the cities have always hindered me from experiencing the beautiful regions without the fabrications of human touch and that is why over the years I have taken my hobby of trekking and turned it into a passion. Each year as many times as possible I gift myself with an incredible journey in the laps of mother nature and this has allowed me to witness the impeccable destinations in its best form. And Auden’s Col is one among them. 

Auden's Col Trek

My journey to Auden’s Col in the Uttarakhand Region was an experience I still vividly remember and cherish. It was truly magnificent, the sights I witnessed was extremely beautiful, the long duration added a great amount of thrill to the already adventurous trail, and the grandeur of the peaks was outstanding.

The Auden’s Col Trek is a long duration trekking journey of around 17 days, and my experience in this 17 days was incomparable. Sitting at an astounding elevation of 5400 m, the trail was extremely beautiful and the sights of Jogin I and Gangotri III were unmatched. I was overwhelmed with the exciting destinations I covered and the towns like Haridwar and Rishikesh gave a pure bliss of an experience.

The journey began from Delhi and over the next four days, I found myself indulging the rituals and practices in the highly religious towns of Haridwar, Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, and Gangotri. I thoroughly participated in the year’s old traditions in these famed pilgrimage destinations of the country and my stay in Rishikesh was stupendous. The adventure sporting options like rafting and bungee jumping were adrenaline pumping at it’s prime best. Apart from this, Rishikesh is also considered to be the abode of many famous deities, and the incredible setting of the town was astonishing.

The journey in total was quite hectic cause the number of days I had to stay in this seems like endless. 5th day of the journey was a trek to the Nala Camp. Though most of the walk was through the Oak and Silver Birch Forest, the openings offered captivating Himalayan Vistas. As I reached the campsite beside the Rudragaira River, the views of Jogin and Kedartal Peaks were exhilarating. The next day’s journey was quite strenuous to Rudragaira Base Camp but offered some really admirable sights of Rudragaira Peak and Jogin peak. From the base camp, I also witnessed the true form of the Auden’s Col and it was fascinating.

Next day I gave my tired body a rest and the following day I walked to the Gangotri Group Base Camp. After traversing through the treacherous trail for about 5 hours, I was rewarded with the most astonishing views of the Gangotri I, II, and III Peaks. The campsite was truly beautiful.

Yes, the day was here, my expedition to the top of Auden’s Col was awaiting and I failed to hold my inner child anymore. He was already jumping with excitement and I started on the journey at the earliest. The trail was quite rough adding to the thrill and as I somehow managed to climb the top, I was dumbfounded to witness the picturesque panorama of the region. It was enthralling in every way. The night in the campsite was equally enticing.

Though I already walked to the primary destination, the journey was not over. This is why this trail is loved and fascinated by all. Today I was walking to the Khatling Glacier and it was 10 hours of persistent adrenaline pumping. The grandeur of the Himalayas was bewildering and another 5 km traversing of the Glacier finally led me to the campsite.

Seven long days of my journey was still left but it was nearing the end. Over this seven days, I traveled to some other remarkable destinations like the Khatling Glacier Waterfall Camp, Chowki, Masar Tal, Vasuki Tal, Kedarnath, Rudraprayag and finally back in Haridwar. The journey was truly enjoyable in every way and the long duration never posed a threat as every day I was blessed with something unrealistically beautiful and beguiling. If you can afford to spend the time, this journey is a must try and one to savor as well.