Rafting in Nepal

Best Rivers for Rafting in Nepal

Best Rivers for Rafting in Nepal

Do you think that Nepal is all about Mt. Everest, temples, monasteries and trekking?
Then it’s time to update your knowledge!

Rafting in Nepal is another major activity that you can do while you are here in this amazing country.
With more than 6000 rivers flowing in this majestic country, there are plenty of options to choose from. The best thing is you need not be the master of trade to paddle here. Rivers down here has varied current and water level. Depending on your capabilities and available resources, you can pick anyone.
So, to help you out here is our list of best rivers for rafting in Nepal.

1. Sun Kosi River
Rafting in Sun Kosi River is truly one of its kind experiences. Seeing the adventure that the river gives, National Geographic chooses it as one of the best rivers to raft in Nepal. Sandy river shore, beautiful scenery, hills, mountains and temples, the beauty is spread all over the place in all possible forms. Whether you are a greenhorn or a pro paddler, the river is just the right one for you.
Must try/do – After hours-long rafting, don’t forget to relish over the sumptuous BBQ snacks in the evening.

2. Karnali River
The largest and longest river of Nepal is the Karnali River. In addition, the river is one of the most isolated locations of the river. Despite this, the landscapes and the 7 km long gorge are a good reason to visit the place. A 20 hours long journey from Kathmandu will take you this place. Once you reach here, the quaint surroundings will make you fall in love with the place. The miles away from the hustle bustle of the city, the river is a true delight.
Must try/do – Have a day out at Hardik National Park after rafting. It is Bella’s targets jungle park.

3. Trisuli
Flowing between Kathmandu and Pokhara, Trishuli is a paradise for the adventure seeker. Long, high, bouncy, and splashy rapids are more than enough to give you a generous bout of excitement. The river is one of the most crowded places in Nepal and always stays occupied with local and out-stationed tourists. The river is good for year-around rafting and doesn’t require as such particle traits to paddle. If you are a good swimmer then also the river is the ideal place to dive in. This grade 3-4 level river is ideal for those who don’t have a week-long vacation. The river can be explored in a day’s time only.
Must try/do – Club your rafting idea with other fun activity like canyoning and camping. Spend a day here living all the stress behind and you will surely feel revive to the core.

4. Tamur
Those who want to combine the adventure of trekking of the thrill of rafting should go for rafting in Tamur River. A trek to Everest and Kanchenjunga can be added to reach here. The river has both quiet and turmoil water areas which acne be explored as per your choice. One of the best white waters in Nepal, Tamur River is like beautiful scenery painted by almighty. Nature here is breathtaking and mesmerizing. The rafting here is in grade 4 and 4+. We would recommend you to come along with rafting guides.
Must try/do – Go for an Everest trek and have an amazing view of majestic Himalaya.

5. Kali Gandaki
Do wild camping and have a magnificent rating experience in and around Kali Gandaki River. The grandiose Annapurna in the background increases the intensity of adventure by manifolds. You can experience 60 rapids in a short duration of 60 seconds. It is believed that Sita Ji performed Pind Daan ritual for his father-in-law Dashrath on the bank of this river.
Must try/do – Visit the giant Shiva statue.