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Bhrigu Lake

We are blessed with innumerable travel destinations spread all over the country offering the best of travelling experience. From the daunting Himalayas to the Backwaters of Kerala, India is home to some really amazing places that anyone can visit. Among these beautiful places lies some really incredible trekking destinations that are favoured by adventurists like me. At my age with my kind of passion for a thrill, if I do not get to trek to amazing locations then it becomes a spoilsport. This time I was very much fascinated with Bhrigu Lake. 

Bhrigu Lake Trek

Leaving all behind I decided to utilize my semester break and dedicate the time in hand to a beautiful nature expedition. The Bhrigu Lake was the destination in my mind and trust me it was the best experience I could have asked for. The high altitude lake in the Himalayas sits at an altitude of 14100 ft in the Himachal. The unforgiving terrain of the trail makes the journey possible only via hiking. On the east of Rohtang Pass, the Bhrigu Lake is a pristine and serene lake with the most amazing and artistic setting. The only dismay I had on this adventure was setting up the camp away from this striking brilliance of nature.

The Bhrigu Lake is blessed with beauty in all corners, no particular sight was less appealing for me and each and every second in this paradise was a cherishing moment. A short trekking destination, Bhrigu lake has rewarded me with an enthralling trekking experience, exhilarating views, excitement, and satisfied my craving for the thrill in the least possible time.

It was a tough trek as I had to reach that elevation within a couple of days. There are many other trekking routes leading up to the same altitude but takes up around 4-5 days. The Bhrigu lake is merciless and the route is designed to be completed in just two days.

As I set out for the journey I knew the time ahead will be taxing and will take a great amount of toll on my body. I had to physically prepare myself for this short yet stingy route but I was excited and at last overwhelmed with what I got to witness there. The oval-shaped lake is fascinating and it is believed that the lake changes its colours according to the season. While I chose to travel in the late summer, I was extremely happy to witness the finesse blue of the lake. In early summers the lake turns into emerald green.

The most admiring feature of this journey was the amazing trail. Traversing through the mountains relentlessly, I witnessed the raw beauty of nature at it’s very best. Vast lush green meadows, the most colourful Himalayan flowers, tall deodar and pine trees, and the unimaginable setting of the mountains in the backdrop was really enchanting. I remember spotting a wild horse grazing peacefully on those beautiful grasslands. He was having the time of his life away from the chaotic life I was facing every day.

As I walked my way to the incredible lake, I was awestruck at the beauty of the place. It was complete. I wanted to spend my night adjacent to the lake but I came to know it was not allowed so I had to look out for a camping ground away from the lake. The tiredness from the steep ascending trail seemed to have brushed off as I lay my eyes on the bewildering creation of nature. The high altitude lake, the rich flora and fauna all along the trail, the astonishing setting, and the journey made this route an unforgettable one.

I chose to travel back the same way I went up, though there are some other trails leading to different places I decided to go back to Manali and spend another night over there. I remember how the picturesque beauty of the lake crossed my mind every now and then for a long time. If ever I get the opportunity to travel there, I will do it without any regrets.