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Valley of Flowers blog

Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers!! Growing up as a travel enthusiast I had developed this crave for adventure and thrill and wanted to satisfy the needs by means of travelling. I always had this desire to bask in the glory of nature, enjoy the nature’s extravaganza and witness some remarkable natural locations. You know the best thing about nature? It is not crafted according to the choice of any particular person, it has its own form and shape and that is what makes it really fascinating.

Valley of Flowers trek

My journey into the world of nature’s delight took a huge leap when I did my trekking in the Valley Of Flowers. One can easily get from the name that this location is endowed with the most amazing flowers. My walk on this incredible place made me realize that how beautiful a place can be even when it is devoid of human interference and architecture. The Valley Of Flowers is a trekking route quite popular among the nature lovers and the exciting journey is filled with exclusive and beautiful views.

Early monsoon in July, I decided to attempt this trek and look for myself as to why people praise it so much, and boy I was dumbstruck to witness some amazing sights. The trail was fun and enjoyable with not many challenges but what I was rewarded with was in one word ’remarkable’.

Travelling out of the hustles and bustles of Delhi I reached to the highly spiritual place called Haridwar. As it was during the daytime, I really could not enjoy much of the rituals and practices in the Ganga I decided to start off with my journey towards the first base camp at Govind Ghat. A long 10 hours journey cutting through the mountains presented me with incredible and vivid landscapes. Throughout the drive, I thoroughly enjoyed the undivided beauty of the small villages, waterfalls, vast greenery, rivers, and the clouds breezing over the tall peaks. It was a treat to the eyes. The long hectic journey finally concluded in the base camp of Govind Ghat and I enjoyed a quaint night.

The morning was blissful, misty fog, clouds, and the majestic mountain peak in the backdrop looked enchanting. Sipping on to the freshly prepared tea I was gauging at this raw magnificence of nature. My next stop was scheduled at Ghangaria and I started off with the walk early. The long 17 km walk was waiting for me that ran mostly on the level path making it a leisure experience. The serene and calm surroundings were revitalizing me from within and along the walk, I had this inner peace that was making me extremely happy. The long walk ended in Ghangaria. I had an amazing dinner served warm and fresh that I actually enjoyed. The base camp offered enthralling views of the surroundings and it was a nice place to spend the night.

The following morning was so restless for me, I was overwhelmed to commence the final journey to the incredible valley of flowers. The sun was shining the brightest and the mountains looked bewildering. I prepared myself for the short yet tough trek that will take me 2000 ft above. As soon as I began walking, I was already gazing at some really beautiful flowers. The likes of Cobra Lily and Blue Poppies among many other colourful flowers was putting my excitement in a new genre.

Finally, I was inside the national park sitting on a solitary rock and witnessing vibrant colours. The flower bed looked astonishing and the cascading waterfalls seemed to have complemented well to the scenery. I even wondered about some unknown migratory bird species adding colour to the snow-capped peaks in the background. It was paradise and highly enjoyable.

The Valley of Flowers trail concludes at Hemkund Sahib and the trail that followed was taxing for the body but it was a fascinating walk. Mystical fogs were spread out like a thick blanket and it was looking beautiful. In Hemkund Sahib I took a relaxing dip in the ‘Kund’ before entering the beautiful Gurudwara. And from there it was a refreshing walk backwards. Traversing on the same path I reach Ghangaria for the night stop.

The Valley of Flowers Trek has given me much more than I anticipated. It was a walk filled with fun and adventure and saturated with colourful and exhilarating views all around. If you are looking for a route that can bring you closer to nature, look no further than Valley Of Flowers.

Har Ki Doon Blog

Har Ki Doon

Har Ki Doon

Har Ki Doon!! I was bitten by the travel bug in the early years of my life and now I look back and take pride in the successful trekking expeditions I have covered over the years. India is home to a rich culture and heritage and it is also home to the Himalayas. Among the top ten tallest peaks of the world, Himalaya hosts nine of them with great pride and if you have not yet started exploring this asset of the country, boy you are lagging behind.

Each and every trail in the Himalayas is crafted with beauty and magnificence and among the abundance of trails, the Har Ki Doon Trekking trail is one of the very finest. It is a moderate difficulty trekking route stretching over a distance of 48 km in 5 days. While I was exploring the Garhwal Himalayas, each and every minute has rewarded me with amazement and joy.

If you plan to take on this incredible trekking route, follow the path that I have traversed and you can be sure of no boredom ever. As I started my journey I was filled with a childlike happiness and the excitement grew and grew with each hour. Sankri was my first destination from Dehradoon. I remember how the road started to climb the mountains almost immediately and the 10 hours long ride was filled with incredible views of the surroundings. The drop in temperature was a blessing and the beautiful location of the small town in Govind Pashu National Park looked admirable.

The following day is when I began with my walking and the destination was Puaani Garaat. A boost of energy got me up and running for the trek ahead. The walk began with a decent and I was actually savouring the sight of the Supin River with the looming mountains in the backdrop. I had to cross the river before the ascent started. It was tiring but I pushed myself further till I reached the 12th km mark at Puaani Garaat. I could not help but retire to the camp in an instant.

Mornings in the mountains are really beautiful and as I woke up, the slight drizzle piercing through the clouds made the ambience of the area extremely intimidating. Kalakatiyadhaar was my stop today and dared myself to start the walk under the drizzling sky. A level trail followed along the beautiful Supin River and a small bridge came which I needed to cross before attempting the ascending trail ahead. It was quite slippery from the rain but I was enjoying the sight. Finally, the snow-covered campsite was in front of my eyes and it looked extremely mesmerizing. I was gauging at the beauty of the surrounding snow-clad peaks and the fresh water stream revitalized me from within.

The day was here and I woke up at the earliest to attempt the most daring part of the journey. It was a walk till Har Ki Doon and back to Kalakatiyadhaar. A refreshing surrounding was enough to charge me up and take on the challenging trail comprising only of ups and downs all along. At first, it was a narrow trail with loads and loads of snow and I as I was approaching the valley, the trail started to widen up. The snow did more trouble than favour as the glaring sun was reflecting extremely brightly on the snow fatiguing my eyes. It was quite hot and I had to catch a breath every now and then.

The scarcity of water supply was killing me from inside and as I approached the last steep climb I was completely drenched out. Thankfully I got some water from another fellow trekker and I finally fought my way through the last ascend. The astonishing Har Ki Doon valley unfolded before me. It was a bewildering sight, the valley looked gorgeous with the Har Ki Doon Peak standing bright on one side and complimented with the Swarga Rohini Group of Peaks on the other. The snow-covered peaks and the valley was a delight of a sight and I was extremely happy about completing this incredible journey.

I spent some time there witnessing the grandeur and raw brilliance of the peaks and the valley. It broke my heart to remember that I will have to start descending down to Kalakatiyadhaar. While walking down I kept on thinking about the enchanting view I have just encountered. The whole walk back was completed along the same trail with night stops at Kalakatiyadhaar, Puaani Garaat, and Sankri. I long to attempt this route yet again as this experience was unmatched and the next journey can be even better.

stok kangri blog

Stok Kangri

Stok Kangri

There are some trekking trails that look easy and rewards you with a fascinating experience, then there are some trails that despite being extremely tough and challenging is highly popular among the travellers. The Stok Kangri Trekking trail is one such that poses a lot of hurdles and challenges along the way but rewards you with an unmatched and unforgettable experience. An ideal adventurist’s destination, Stok Kangri is raw and elegant. The trail fights with your body making it weak and hectic. The journey challenges you psychologically and any Trekker at least one point in the journey consider Stok Kangri as a regretting decision.

Hemis to Stok via MathoPhu Blog

Back in the August of last year, I decided to try and attempt this unforgiving journey. After a thorough research, I was quite clear about the fact, that the trail will give me jitters but my relentless soul was crying for a thrill and knew no boundaries. Till date I consider the Stok Kangri as the toughest trail I have ever encountered. The surroundings were dark and filled with mystery. The thinning oxygen all along the way was a persistent threat and the trail became worse with each minute.

But Stok Kangri has presented me with something that I can never forget. The journey has satisfied my quench for adventure. Through the tits and bits of the rough terrain, as I made my way to the top, I could not help but stare endlessly at the undivided and picturesque beauty of nature. The widespread valley below looked impeccable and as long as my eyes could stare, I saw pure bliss. Vivid landscapes surrounded me in all direction and were basking in the true glory of nature. That day I realized that a tough experience delivers the sweetest result.

The Stok Kangri Journey was of 6 days duration and these 6 days has changed my outlook towards life. I have witnessed enchanting destinations all throughout the journey starting from Leh.

An enjoyable ride 15 km away from Leh led me to the beautiful Stok Village which was also the starting point of the remarkable journey. Most parts of the trail ran along the Stok River surrounding with hillocks on either side till I reached my first campsite Chang Ma.
I tried to explore whole of the artistic setting of Chang Ma before heading out on the following day to Manokarma at 14200 ft. Manokarma resembled Chang Ma in mostly all dimensions and the rugged landscape of the region in every direction looked astounding. I had the best stargazing experience at Manokarma and my undying passion towards stargazing was well met.

The third day of the trek was an unforgettable journey traversing through this cold desert to the Stok Kangri Base Camp. It was a fun filled walk where I got to witness some really enthralling views of the surroundings. The Sunbeam was piercing through the clear skies and the rugged and brown landscape all around instigated a huge amount of adrenaline rush. As I reached the base camp I did some time exploring the beautiful region and acclimatizing to the rising altitude. The next day was a rest day and the final hike to the Stok Kangri Peak was slated for the night.

A long journey was awaiting, up to the peak and back to the base camp. The walk today was filled with utmost adventure and thrill. The walk began in the endless darkness of the night so that I could get to the top at the perfect time. As I finally got to the top fighting the hardships of the terrain, what I witnessed was beyond words. The majestic Karakoram Range in Pakistan was shining brightly in the clear skies. The glacier below the peak looked beguiling. I was gazing at this incomparable creation of nature under the strong rays of the sun and extremely cold winds. I wasted no time to start my way back as the sun rays were known to do more harm than good. It was along the same trail back to the base camp and from there to the next stop at Manokarma the next day.

The Stok Kangri Trek is known for the harsh terrains and unforgiving weather conditions. But a brave heart with loads of passion can complete this journey happily and attain complete serenity from within. What I witnessed from the top can never be explained in words. The whole journey was beyond my anticipation and my passionate soul thrives to climb it yet again sometime.

Binsar Blog



Did it ever occur to you how travelling to an incredible destination can revitalize your soul from within? Who do you think so many people consider travelling as the best way of escaping from the fatigue life? Because travelling to a destination means you are giving yourself a chance to rediscover your inner-self and change the outlook. Well when I did my first travel expedition, I was rewarded with an incredible insight into the life. I was blessed and trained to look at life from a different angle and eventually I developed an urge to keep up the good work of travelling.

Binsar Trek

Binsar was one of the finest places I have ever been to. A sleepy hamlet in the Kumaon Himalayas, Binsar is a scenic and serene place to visit. Home to rich flora and fauna, Binsar is also known as the summer capital of Uttarakhand. While I visited Binsar, I remember witnessing the most incredible and majestic views of the mighty peaks of Chaukhamba, Panchachulli, Trishul, and Nanda Devi. Binsar has given me incredible memories and it was not just the incredible peaks, I was overwhelmed to stare at the wide variety of different species of birds and versatile flowers.

At a particular time of the early winters, I packed my bags and decided to escape into the quaint and marvellous Binsar. It was a few hours drive from Nainital and once I reached this amazing place I could not hold my urge to explore every bit of the place. The artistic and beautiful setting of the place makes it a photographer’s paradise and if you like trekking, you will not be disappointed.

The wildlife sanctuary at the lap of the Himalayas is eccentric. Home to a wide range of animals like Leopards, Ghorals, Kakars, Himalayan Black Bears, and even Pine Martens and Red Fox, I was filled with a great deal of joy for being here. The sight of the Himalayan Peaks in the backdrop looked fascinating and the Oak and Rhododendron forests made the place even more appealing.

I visited the famed ‘Zero Point’ in Binsar and what I witnessed left me in complete awe for a long time. The panoramic and picturesque views of the mesmerizing Himalayan Ranges was astounding and I even got to witness the grandeur of the Nanda Devi Peak, Trishul Peak, Kedarnath Peak and Mt. Shivling. All along the journey, this part was the most fascinating for me.

Anyone who chose to visit this place will be not short of options to explore. I felt that I don’t have enough time to check out all the happening spots. The visit to the Bineshwar Mahadev Temple was remarkable. Filled with rich history, the temple looked fabulous owing to the incredible architectural design. The temple complex of Jageshwar and Kasar Devi Temple were the other couple of incredible destinations to visit.

I spent some time visiting the historical Khali Estate. The Khali Estate is associated with a rich history and heritage and offers great natural views. The overwhelming views of the Himalayas from here was a cherishing sight for me. Binsar is not limited only to nature’s extravaganza. My visit to the Museum was really enjoyable.

Though I witnessed the extreme beauty of nature at it’s very best in Binsar, I also took some time out to observe the local lifestyle and the culture of the place. I had an incredible experience walking through the villages and that gave me a deeper delve into the lifestyle and culture of the locals. The walk through the Cedar and Pine Forests was unimaginable and every single bit of the journey was brilliant.

Binsar has the capability to offer more than u anticipate. It has enlightened me with some really bewildering sights of nature and rewarded me with an incredible travel experience. I was a travel enthusiast rate Binsar as one of the finest places that can help you rediscover your inner you.

Goecha La Blog

Goecha La

Goecha La

As a kid, I have always enjoyed travelling to various places holding the hands of my mother and following my father, but in the growing years of my life, I came to a realization that this hobby of travelling has fueled up to become an undying passion within myself. Every day I wake up with a determination to try something new but deep down in my heart, all I wanted to do is trek and travel. This relentless passion led to me some of the most amazing destinations in the country and recently I have been to Sikkim to explore the region.

Goecha La Blog

While Sikkim boasts with many great places but a passionate trekker can never ignore the best trekking route in Sikkim, Goecha La Trek. Also known as the Kanchendzonga Trekking trail, the journey begins from Yuksom at 5670 ft and concludes at the Goecha La Pass at 16207 ft. After I have completed this route I realized it is a tough trail to walk on, but if you bear that willingness it is a piece of cake.

Yuksom was the starting point in my journey and I effortlessly enjoyed each bit of the jeep ride over the bumpy road. The road curling over the mountains with vivid landscapes and deep gorges instigated me even more for the journey. The Yuksom Village is a beautiful place with warm hosts and my overnight stay there was quite enjoyable. I chatted a lot with the locals before shifting to sound sleep.

Early mornings at Sikkim is really beautiful and I decided not to waste much time as I had to cover a good distance to Sachen. Walking through the gradual climbs I arrived at the Pek Chu River which I crossed over a suspension bridge and entered the Kanchendzonga National Park. From there the walk was fairly easy to the campsite of Sachen.

The next stop on my list was Tshoka. I remember the trail descending down to the river followed by a steady climb up to Bakhim at 8600 ft. I spent some time sipping on the hot tea before resuming on the walk to Tshoka. The small and beautiful village had lots to explore and I made it a point not to miss out on any point.

The next morning in Tshoka rewarded me with some bewildering views of the snow-capped peaks Pandim and Thansing. The next campsite was Dzongri and my homework suggested this was the toughest stretch of the whole journey. A climb from 9700 ft to 13000 ft can be anything but easy. I kept on walking on the ascending trail for a few hours to reach Phedang. There I spent some time catching a breath and gazing at the astonishing views all around. Resuming on the climb I reached the captivating Dzongri. All I did there was setting the camp and sleeping like a dead body.

The last day’s walk had a huge effect on my body and today I had to walk up to the Dzongri Top. As I reached the top I was literally in awe to witness the best scenery of the whole trek. The panoramic picturesque beauty of the surrounding landscape was astounding.

The next day I decided to start at the earliest to Thansing. The trail ran through the Pek Chu River which I had to cross and head towards Thansing. The campsite was incredible nestling between two majestic mountains.

Following day was the easiest and leisure walk to Lamuney. A short one hour walk through the valley led me to Lamuney where I decided to get the maximum rest and prepare for the longest trek the following day.

Next day start was as early as 2.30 am to get to the viewpoint 1 of the Goecha La and catch the breathtaking sunrise. It was incredible, the sun rising over the mountains painting the clouds orange was a sight that will be there in mind forever. The next journey was the longest and toughest to viewpoint 2. Ascending trail all the way with bitterly cold winds and the slippery path was extremely taxing for the body. But at the end of the journey, what I witnessed was beyond explanation. The beauty of the Goecha La Lake, the Kanchendzonga looming in the background complimented with the majestic Pandim Peak was unreal. After enjoying the scene I knew I had to walk a long way back to Lamuney. So without waiting much, I started the journey.

The returning journey I did on the same trail back to Yuksom. It was an enthralling walk which very well satisfied my craving for thrill and adrenaline rush. It was fun and hectic and the views which I witnessed was beguiling.

Pangarchulla Peak Blog

Pangarchulla Peak

Pangarchulla Peak

Have you ever looked at yourself and exclaimed how tired you are with the hustles and bustles of the city life? Have you ever come across the feeling to just pack a bag and run to a faraway land? When these feelings struck me, I did not waste any more time in planning an escape route to the mountains and that’s how I landed in the Pangarchulla Peak. Sitting at an elevation of 15000 ft, the Pangarchulla Peak is considered by many trekkers as the first step towards paradise. The height was quite astounding but my relentless soul knew no boundaries and walking through the dense forests and meadows for about 5 days led me to this incredible beauty of nature complimented with some mesmerizing snow-capped peaks looming in the background.

Pangarchulla Peak Blog

I vividly remember each day of the whole journey and as I began from Haridwar, the outstanding views of the surroundings and the excitement of the amazing journey ahead just prepared me for the journey spontaneously. I remember the first day’s journey from Haridwar to Auli through some of the really popular hot-spots. The confluence of the rivers in Rudraprayag was one of the most enticing sights in the drive. Travelling my way through the banks of Ganga and Alaknanda River, I finally arrived at the breathtaking and heavenly setting of the Auli Town, my first night stop.

The morning in Auli was remarkable and the artistic setting of the town in the laps of nature with distant snow-capped peaks in the backdrop was quite enthralling. I started the walk traversing through the Bugyals of Auli and was rewarded with some incredible views of the Kamet, Nanda Devi, and Hathi Parvat Ghori Parbat. The walk continues through the dense forests of Oaks and Maple and I found myself gazing at the awesomeness of nature in Tali. Another stretch of walking finally ended in Khulara Meadows where I decided to place my tent.

Waking up to the vivid mountainous landscapes of Khulara was an extremely cherishing moment. The destination on my checklist today was Kuari Pass at an altitude of 3650 m. The captivating views of some of the greatest peaks like Neelkantha, Hathi, Chaukhamba, Kedar, Draunagiri, and Mana was really an enchanting sight to savour. I started on a leisure walk to cross the lush green meadows of Khulara to arrive at Kuari Pass and kept on pushing further to finally reach the Pangarchulla Base Camp.

The day was finally knocking on the door when I was slated to conquer my way to the summit of the majestic Pangarchulla Peak. A stretch of three days walking was finally going to be rewarded with some exhilarating views from the Pangarchulla Peak and I was all geared up for that. Mountain slopes and ridges cover most part of the trail but the layer of snow over the path seemed like a tricky affair. The voice on my head constantly reminded me to approach with caution as these paths require great attention and physical ability. Along the way, I got to witness the grandeur of the mighty peaks like Nanda Devi and Trishul. As I finally fought my way to the top, it was a sight to behold. The beauty of the surrounding was beyond sanity and I was completely dumbstruck at the bewildering views. From there I started retracing my steps back to the Pangarchulla Base Camp. As I reached the base camp, I could not help but pat myself for the accomplishment of conquering this incredible summit. It was really an outstanding experience.

The journey I encountered while travelling back was filled with depression as the pain of bidding farewell to this extensively beautiful place is really unimaginable. Though I have decided not to restrict my wanderlust in the near future the experience of trekking to Pangarchulla Peak was really amazing.

Bhrigu Lake blog

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake

We are blessed with innumerable travel destinations spread all over the country offering the best of travelling experience. From the daunting Himalayas to the Backwaters of Kerala, India is home to some really amazing places that anyone can visit. Among these beautiful places lies some really incredible trekking destinations that are favoured by adventurists like me. At my age with my kind of passion for a thrill, if I do not get to trek to amazing locations then it becomes a spoilsport. This time I was very much fascinated with Bhrigu Lake. 

Bhrigu Lake Trek


Leaving all behind I decided to utilize my semester break and dedicate the time in hand to a beautiful nature expedition. The Bhrigu Lake was the destination in my mind and trust me it was the best experience I could have asked for. The high altitude lake in the Himalayas sits at an altitude of 14100 ft in the Himachal. The unforgiving terrain of the trail makes the journey possible only via hiking. On the east of Rohtang Pass, the Bhrigu Lake is a pristine and serene lake with the most amazing and artistic setting. The only dismay I had on this adventure was setting up the camp away from this striking brilliance of nature.

The Bhrigu Lake is blessed with beauty in all corners, no particular sight was less appealing for me and each and every second in this paradise was a cherishing moment. A short trekking destination, Bhrigu lake has rewarded me with an enthralling trekking experience, exhilarating views, excitement, and satisfied my craving for the thrill in the least possible time.

It was a tough trek as I had to reach that elevation within a couple of days. There are many other trekking routes leading up to the same altitude but takes up around 4-5 days. The Bhrigu lake is merciless and the route is designed to be completed in just two days.

As I set out for the journey I knew the time ahead will be taxing and will take a great amount of toll on my body. I had to physically prepare myself for this short yet stingy route but I was excited and at last overwhelmed with what I got to witness there. The oval-shaped lake is fascinating and it is believed that the lake changes its colours according to the season. While I chose to travel in the late summer, I was extremely happy to witness the finesse blue of the lake. In early summers the lake turns into emerald green.

The most admiring feature of this journey was the amazing trail. Traversing through the mountains relentlessly, I witnessed the raw beauty of nature at it’s very best. Vast lush green meadows, the most colourful Himalayan flowers, tall deodar and pine trees, and the unimaginable setting of the mountains in the backdrop was really enchanting. I remember spotting a wild horse grazing peacefully on those beautiful grasslands. He was having the time of his life away from the chaotic life I was facing every day.

As I walked my way to the incredible lake, I was awestruck at the beauty of the place. It was complete. I wanted to spend my night adjacent to the lake but I came to know it was not allowed so I had to look out for a camping ground away from the lake. The tiredness from the steep ascending trail seemed to have brushed off as I lay my eyes on the bewildering creation of nature. The high altitude lake, the rich flora and fauna all along the trail, the astonishing setting, and the journey made this route an unforgettable one.

I chose to travel back the same way I went up, though there are some other trails leading to different places I decided to go back to Manali and spend another night over there. I remember how the picturesque beauty of the lake crossed my mind every now and then for a long time. If ever I get the opportunity to travel there, I will do it without any regrets.

Rupin Pass Blog

Rupin Pass

Rupin Pass

There is something about the virgin Himalayas that brings me back to this incredible place over and over again. The hardest part of this journey was the journey back home, leaving the serene beauty behind to fit in the chaotic puzzles of life. The Rupin Pass trek has offered me an abundance of joy in small packages, from the gushing Rupin River to the cascading waterfalls complemented by the dense jungles and above all the majestic Himalayas standing tall.

Rupin Pass Trek


The Rupin Pass Trek is considered as one of the most difficult treks of the country. The sturdy elevation of 15350 ft on foot seemed like an impossible affair at first, but as my days proceeded the child in me woke up and I was all ready to conquer the mighty Himalayas. The checklist was ready for the week-long touring and the first destination I was travelling to was Dhaula from the beautiful hamlet, Mussorie. The diversity in the scenery, the beautiful Yamuna River, and the tall pine forests charged me up for the exciting journey. The campsite was adjacent to the mesmerizing Rupin River.

The night in this quaint valley was incomparable and the sound sleep I had seemed to have avoided me in the recent past. The next stop on my list was Sewa and the trail promised to deliver an unmatched trekking experience. The first climb on the trail was quite a hectic one and as I managed to fight my way to the top, there was a sense of accomplishment and I found myself smiling. The walk further ahead was outstanding, the incredible view, the echoes of the Rupin River flowing below, and the sight of the unforgiving mountains packed the right punch of adrenaline rush. I walked further, cutting through this beautiful sights to finally reach the Sewa Village. My body was tired, I was having a back pain but it was all worth it.

I woke up before the sun rays glimmered on the Himalayas and the view of the sun peeking out behind these majestic structures of nature was exhilarating. The walk resumed towards Jiskun on the same trail. the pebble bed of the Rupin River was the first milestone in the walk today. Few hours into the journey, I crossed the bridge that separates Himachal Pradesh from Uttarakhand and kept on walking on the hectic trail to be finally on a flat terrain. A sigh of relief escaped my lips, but the journey was not over as I walked further on the lush green meadows to finally reach the Homestay at Jiskun.

Waking up to the snowfall was a pristine experience that filled my heart with an abundance of joy. I decided to start off the day early as I will be walking to the much anticipated and beautiful Suruwas Thatch. As I began walking on the trail, the striking brilliance of nature all around me made me incredibly happy. The hanging Jhaka Village arrived after a couple of hours. A bit more of walking on this amazing trail finally led me to the campsite of the Suruwas Thatch.

The next morning was extremely cold owing to the heavy snowfall and waking up at 5 am in this atmosphere was quite a taxing affair. The trail ahead was quite hectic due to the thinning of the air and the cold winds. Fighting the odds I finally arrived at the Lower Waterfall Camp or the Dhanderas Thatch, my astonishing campsite for the night.

The toughest 1000 m of the entire journey, the hike to the upper waterfall camp of Rati Pheri gave me the more of the of thrill and adventure I can ask for. The steep right angle climb was waiting for me, it was impossible to conquer and I just kept on climbing up and up fighting the pain and strain. Finally, the grandeur of the basin unfolded before me and it was more than anything I can ask for. It was in a single word, ‘Bewildering’. This was the very last night before Rupin Pass.

Thick sheets of snow, brown rocks and a final climb led me to the breathtaking Rupin Pass. The walk was quite tricky but as I finally arrived at the top, it was ecstatic. The astounding 360-degree views of the surrounding Himalayas looked like a doppelganger of the heaven. The beauty was unmatched and every single frame of the entire region seemed like an eternity.

On the way back, I traversed on the same route back to Mussorie. The Rupin Pass is undoubtedly one of the toughest treks to attempt but the joy of accomplishment you will be greeted with is beyond your imagination.

Chopta Deoria Tal

Chopta Deoria Tal

Chopta Deoria Tal

While I was planning to take my travel expedition to a whole new level, the idea of trekking the Chopta Deoria Tal crossed my mind, and I decided spontaneously not to filter my idea any further.

Chopta Chandrashila Deolia Tal trek

This beautiful journey has been attempted by a number of my fellow trekking mates and their reviews and verdicts helped me to finally attempt this. In the Uttarakhand region, a few hours drive from Haridwar brings one to the starting point of this trek, Sari. A 5 days journey through the exciting views and versatility of nature has the capability to leave any enthusiastic traveller in complete awe.

As I set out for the journey of Chopta Deoria Tal from Sari, my destination on the list was the Deoria Tal. The lake was extremely beautiful with a serene and artistic setting and I was highly surprised to witness some amazing species of birds. A leisure walk of around two and a half hours led me to this heavenly lake and as I reached the region, I spent the time strolling around the lake and savouring the delightful sights. The distant snow-capped peaks looked really appealing and the whole setting was incredible.

The night in Deoria Tal was in one word ‘peaceful’ and extremely enjoyable. I have a habit of waking up early and waking up in this incredible beauty of nature was a whole different experience. The trail was set for the present day to Rohini Bugyal, through a number of forests and ascends. The walk was easy but there was a lack of water sources that posed an issue. The long day ended after testing six hours of walking but the campsite was mesmerizing. Rohini Bugyal is a high altitude meadow that looks fabulous and the panoramic views were excellent. Distant white and brown peaks, vast green sheets of grass, forests, and the colourful flowers looked exhilarating.

Rohini Bugyal looks mesmerizing and the morning here is the most beautiful time to experience the raw magnificence of nature. I spent some time admiring the views before packing for the further journey to Bhrujgali. En route to Bhrujgali, I witnessed a beautiful waterfall flowing down to a stream and the sight looked really admirable. The walked traversed through the quaint forest on a trail that had both ascends and descends. It was an exciting walk altogether and as I finally reached the campsite, I wasted no time in laying down to catch a breath.

It was a very early start as the night witnessed a huge amount of snowfall. I realized the thick sheets of snow can be tricky so I might need to approach at a slow pace and that’s why I set out for the journey as soon as the clock hit 4. The ascending trail, thick snow and the dropping temperature was quite taxing but somehow I fought my way up to the famed Tughnath Temple. The path was extremely tricky and at times sinking in the deep snow sheets. My back was hurting and there an unforgiving pain reminding me of the hectic journey I am having.

The final day of the journey was planned on a walk to Chandrashilla Peak and back to the same spot and further descending down to Chopta. It was quite daring to walk up to the peak and back to Chopta as the trail became worse. The Monals and rich and colourful Pheasants looked ecstatic and I had no regrets of failing to walk up to the Chandrashilla Peak. I resumed on the walk to Chopta which was the most relaxing walk of the whole journey. Half an hour into the journey on a descending slope led me to Chopta, my final destination of the journey.

The next day was scheduled for a journey back to Haridwar or Rishikesh. The journey was bewildering and trust me if you have an urge to witness astounding views of nature in a short span then look no further than this popular trekking route in Uttarakhand.



Roopkund is considered as one of the most heavenly places to be in, with a fairy tale artistic setting and highly admirable views all around. The place is a mesmerizing experience and once I decided to explore this incredible destination, there was no looking back. One of the very fine high altitude trekking options, Roopkund offers the trekkers with all the luxuries of a dense forest, snow-capped peaks, thrilling terrains cutting through the storm and snowfall. The Frozen Lake is a sight that I have cherished for a long time.

Roopkund Trek.jpg

The offset to this highly anticipated journey began with my arrival at Lohajung and from there the ride through the captivating scenes of nature’s extravaganza took me to Wan. The roads were quite bumpy and it was quite a hectic journey all together as from Wan I moved forward in a climb to Ghaeroli Patal. The hike mainly traversed through the dense forests of Oak and Rhododendrons and offered some really blissful scenes of the surroundings.

The first day’s journey concluded with a soothing sleep at the night as a great deal of excitement was due the next day. Waking up to this incredible beauty of nature was one of the finest experiences of my life, and I decided to waste no time and start the day’s journey. The day began on a well-marked trail that left the forest behind and entered the vast and wide meadows or Bugyals. The splendour of the Ali Bugyal and Bedini Bugyal left me in complete awe. The beauty of the vast clear sky over the Bedini Bugyal gave me an astonishing Stargazing experience.

The following day I was supposed to indulge in another remarkable trekking to Pathar Nachauni. Though after a couple of days my body was quite tired and tolled, the third day seemed like an easy affair. The rising altitude posed no threat as my body seemed to acclimatize well and support well. As I walked on the well-marked trail, the sights of the campsite from miles out looked quite fascinating. The Pathar Nauchani’s campsite is well known for the unpredictable rough weathers and not to my surprise even I was caught in a stormy rage of nature. The panoramic brilliance around looked really captivating.

Three exciting days have passed in this fascinating area and on the fourth day, I decided to start my journey at the earliest. The trail that I planned to conquer today ran out of the campsite and eluded beyond the grandeur of the snow-capped Kalu-Vinayak. The terrain transformed from lush green to rocky as I kept on walking and hiking forward. Through the adventurous path, I finally reached the Kalu Vinayak Temple. There was a touch of magnificence in that extremely beautiful temple that will be etched in my heart for a long long time. From there I followed the trail descending down to my campsite, Bhagwabasa at an elevation of 14500 ft. The whiteness of the snow carpet engulfed the whole ground in the region. The rest of the day I dedicated to training for the following day’s summit climb.

The day finally came involving the most thrilling summit climb of my life. I left the tent at around 4 am when the sky was still dark and a head torch showed me the path. After a hectic 4 hours of climb through numerous ascends I was finally standing on the summit gauging at the bewildering views of the surrounding. The child in me suddenly seemed to have come to life and the exhilarating views of the frozen Roopkund Lake were wonderful. The return journey began at around 9 am to avoid the threat of the melting snow.

The trek ended as I finally retraced my steps back to Bhagwabasa and followed the trail in the same way back to Lohajung. Roopkund Trek has provided me with a breathtaking experience. It was one thrilling journey that did tax my body but rewarded me with views that I will savour for a really long time. If the situations permit, Roopkund will be there on my bucket list yet again.

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