Chopta Deoria Tal

Chopta Deoria Tal

Chopta Deoria Tal

While I was planning to take my travel expedition to a whole new level, the idea of trekking the Chopta Deoria Tal crossed my mind, and I decided spontaneously not to filter my idea any further.

Chopta Chandrashila Deolia Tal trek

This beautiful journey has been attempted by a number of my fellow trekking mates and their reviews and verdicts helped me to finally attempt this. In the Uttarakhand region, a few hours drive from Haridwar brings one to the starting point of this trek, Sari. A 5 days journey through the exciting views and versatility of nature has the capability to leave any enthusiastic traveller in complete awe.

As I set out for the journey of Chopta Deoria Tal from Sari, my destination on the list was the Deoria Tal. The lake was extremely beautiful with a serene and artistic setting and I was highly surprised to witness some amazing species of birds. A leisure walk of around two and a half hours led me to this heavenly lake and as I reached the region, I spent the time strolling around the lake and savouring the delightful sights. The distant snow-capped peaks looked really appealing and the whole setting was incredible.

The night in Deoria Tal was in one word ‘peaceful’ and extremely enjoyable. I have a habit of waking up early and waking up in this incredible beauty of nature was a whole different experience. The trail was set for the present day to Rohini Bugyal, through a number of forests and ascends. The walk was easy but there was a lack of water sources that posed an issue. The long day ended after testing six hours of walking but the campsite was mesmerizing. Rohini Bugyal is a high altitude meadow that looks fabulous and the panoramic views were excellent. Distant white and brown peaks, vast green sheets of grass, forests, and the colourful flowers looked exhilarating.

Rohini Bugyal looks mesmerizing and the morning here is the most beautiful time to experience the raw magnificence of nature. I spent some time admiring the views before packing for the further journey to Bhrujgali. En route to Bhrujgali, I witnessed a beautiful waterfall flowing down to a stream and the sight looked really admirable. The walked traversed through the quaint forest on a trail that had both ascends and descends. It was an exciting walk altogether and as I finally reached the campsite, I wasted no time in laying down to catch a breath.

It was a very early start as the night witnessed a huge amount of snowfall. I realized the thick sheets of snow can be tricky so I might need to approach at a slow pace and that’s why I set out for the journey as soon as the clock hit 4. The ascending trail, thick snow and the dropping temperature was quite taxing but somehow I fought my way up to the famed Tughnath Temple. The path was extremely tricky and at times sinking in the deep snow sheets. My back was hurting and there an unforgiving pain reminding me of the hectic journey I am having.

The final day of the journey was planned on a walk to Chandrashilla Peak and back to the same spot and further descending down to Chopta. It was quite daring to walk up to the peak and back to Chopta as the trail became worse. The Monals and rich and colourful Pheasants looked ecstatic and I had no regrets of failing to walk up to the Chandrashilla Peak. I resumed on the walk to Chopta which was the most relaxing walk of the whole journey. Half an hour into the journey on a descending slope led me to Chopta, my final destination of the journey.

The next day was scheduled for a journey back to Haridwar or Rishikesh. The journey was bewildering and trust me if you have an urge to witness astounding views of nature in a short span then look no further than this popular trekking route in Uttarakhand.