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Goecha La

As a kid, I have always enjoyed travelling to various places holding the hands of my mother and following my father, but in the growing years of my life, I came to a realization that this hobby of travelling has fueled up to become an undying passion within myself. Every day I wake up with a determination to try something new but deep down in my heart, all I wanted to do is trek and travel. This relentless passion led to me some of the most amazing destinations in the country and recently I have been to Sikkim to explore the region.

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While Sikkim boasts with many great places but a passionate trekker can never ignore the best trekking route in Sikkim, Goecha La Trek. Also known as the Kanchendzonga Trekking trail, the journey begins from Yuksom at 5670 ft and concludes at the Goecha La Pass at 16207 ft. After I have completed this route I realized it is a tough trail to walk on, but if you bear that willingness it is a piece of cake.

Yuksom was the starting point in my journey and I effortlessly enjoyed each bit of the jeep ride over the bumpy road. The road curling over the mountains with vivid landscapes and deep gorges instigated me even more for the journey. The Yuksom Village is a beautiful place with warm hosts and my overnight stay there was quite enjoyable. I chatted a lot with the locals before shifting to sound sleep.

Early mornings at Sikkim is really beautiful and I decided not to waste much time as I had to cover a good distance to Sachen. Walking through the gradual climbs I arrived at the Pek Chu River which I crossed over a suspension bridge and entered the Kanchendzonga National Park. From there the walk was fairly easy to the campsite of Sachen.

The next stop on my list was Tshoka. I remember the trail descending down to the river followed by a steady climb up to Bakhim at 8600 ft. I spent some time sipping on the hot tea before resuming on the walk to Tshoka. The small and beautiful village had lots to explore and I made it a point not to miss out on any point.

The next morning in Tshoka rewarded me with some bewildering views of the snow-capped peaks Pandim and Thansing. The next campsite was Dzongri and my homework suggested this was the toughest stretch of the whole journey. A climb from 9700 ft to 13000 ft can be anything but easy. I kept on walking on the ascending trail for a few hours to reach Phedang. There I spent some time catching a breath and gazing at the astonishing views all around. Resuming on the climb I reached the captivating Dzongri. All I did there was setting the camp and sleeping like a dead body.

The last day’s walk had a huge effect on my body and today I had to walk up to the Dzongri Top. As I reached the top I was literally in awe to witness the best scenery of the whole trek. The panoramic picturesque beauty of the surrounding landscape was astounding.

The next day I decided to start at the earliest to Thansing. The trail ran through the Pek Chu River which I had to cross and head towards Thansing. The campsite was incredible nestling between two majestic mountains.

Following day was the easiest and leisure walk to Lamuney. A short one hour walk through the valley led me to Lamuney where I decided to get the maximum rest and prepare for the longest trek the following day.

Next day start was as early as 2.30 am to get to the viewpoint 1 of the Goecha La and catch the breathtaking sunrise. It was incredible, the sun rising over the mountains painting the clouds orange was a sight that will be there in mind forever. The next journey was the longest and toughest to viewpoint 2. Ascending trail all the way with bitterly cold winds and the slippery path was extremely taxing for the body. But at the end of the journey, what I witnessed was beyond explanation. The beauty of the Goecha La Lake, the Kanchendzonga looming in the background complimented with the majestic Pandim Peak was unreal. After enjoying the scene I knew I had to walk a long way back to Lamuney. So without waiting much, I started the journey.

The returning journey I did on the same trail back to Yuksom. It was an enthralling walk which very well satisfied my craving for thrill and adrenaline rush. It was fun and hectic and the views which I witnessed was beguiling.