Gosaikunda Lake Trek

Gosaikunda Lake Trek, Nepal

Trekking expeditions are extremely fantastic even if the destinations do not pose to be daunting. My trekking journeys have always been quite fascinating and each time I chose a trekking trail, at the end I was never disappointed. When I read about the Gosaikunda lake Trek in Nepal, I knew this was supposed to be a different kind of experience but I decided to attempt the journey. Nepal has a number of stupendous trekking trails and the Gosaikunda Lake is one of the most popular owing to the aesthetic values and the outstanding locations.

Though Gosaikunda Lake is a pilgrimage site and a great number of mythological histories are associated with the lake, but the artistic setting of the lake makes it an astounding trekking destination. A lot of people come and visit this place to cleanse their soul from within as the lake is often believed to be extremely pure.

It is said that the sharp effect of poison had burnt Shiva’s throat, as a result, he used the water of this lake to cool down the effect and get relief. The beauty of Gosaikunda Lake is said to increase 100 times than that of usual days on a fool moon night.

Kathmandu- When you are trekking in Nepal, you ought to start from the capital, Kathmandu. As I arrived in Kathmandu, I was totally bewildered with the beautiful place. The vibrant colors, busy streets, temples, and even the people were extremely alluring. In Kathmandu, I also visited the famous UNESCO World Heritage Sights and the Buddhist Shrine was the most beautiful of all. From Kathmandu, I proceeded on with the journey and took a bus from the local stop Macchapokhari to the next stop of my destination that is Dhunche. As Dhunche does not have many things to explore, I will not be adding it to the main stop list of mine. From Dhunche one needs to travel to Deurali which is nearly 2700 meters away and at a random speed you can reach the place in 3-4 hours, as I was injured it took me 5 hours in total to reach Deurali.

Deurali: Deurali is the place which is of multi utility. Extremely beautiful locations, diverse landscape, and an astonishing reflection of the culture and heritage of Nepal, Deurali was a remarkable stop in the journey. You can make it a place for a night stay or just stepping stone to Gosaikunda. The scenic ambiance of the place was surreal and as I checked in to a tea lodge, my excitement just raised to a new bar.

Dhimsa: From Deurali, I started on my journey to the next and highly anticipated destination, Dhimsa. Though I did set out for Dhimsa, my primary destination today was the Gosaikunda Lake
Going via Cholangpati, I reached Gosaikunda and was totally enthralled at the striking brilliance of nature in there. I even visited the famous Shiva temple nearby and rejuvenated my soul from within. The national park I went to had the best of nature conserved for the travelers like me. The picturesque beauty of the lake was post card perfect and every way I looked at, the beauty just kept on increasing. Strolling around the lake was a very serene experience. In Gosaikunda, I had a different yet amazing experience that I will cherish for a very long time to come.

The Langtang Mountain can make you feel awesome as the summits are high and snow capped. It means that you can enjoy a trip which will excite you more than your usual trekking trips. One thing more the nearby rivers also allow you to do kayaking and snorkeling which clearly shows that Nepal is blessed with two things, one nature’s beauty and secondly the fighting spirit because of which even being badly hit by the natural and man-made disaster they are still ready to cooperate with anyone who is a traveler.