• Duration 17 nights / 18 days.
  • Indian Price Call Us
  • Best Time Any
  • Difficulty Level Difficult.
Region Himalayan Ranges in India (Uttarakhand).
Tour Activity Type: Group Adventure.
Group Size: Not Described
Duration: 17 nights / 18 days.
Difficulty Level: Difficult.
Best time to travel Not Described
Approx Trekking Km Not Described
Trip Begins and Ends at Haridwar / Haridwar.
Maximum Altitude Gain 5, 450 meters / 17, 876 feet.
Type of Accommodation Tent/Guest House.


There are a huge number of widespread enthralling destinations appeals to any kind of travel enthusiasts. The beauty of any trekking journey lies in the adventurous trail leading to a spot that offers some exhilarating views. Trekking takes you through naturally paved paths, over the rocks, through the jungles, on meadows, and along rivers, finally leading you to the prime destination that rewards you with an ideal sense of satisfaction.

The Auden’s Col Trek route is located in the Uttarakhand State and delivers the enthusiastic trekkers an unmatched experience. Sitting sturdy at the elevation of 5,400 meters, the pass conjoins the Jogin I Peak and the majestic Gangotri III Peak. The Auden’ Col Trek earned its name from the first person ever to cross this pass J.B.Auden in 1939.

The enticing journey to the pass begins with your arrival at the most religious city of India, Haridwar. Traversing through many popular destinations like Rishikesh, Uttarkashi, Gangotri, and few other the trails finally leads you to the top of the pass. The Auden’s Col Pass also coheres the Jogin I Glacier and Khatling Glacier. The trail of 17 days offers you the supreme adventurous journey and presents you with some really fascinating views.


  • Accommodation in Tents/guesthouses on twin/three sharing basis during the trek.
  • All transport during the trek is inclusive.
  • Full Vegetarian Meals and Snacks on the trekking route.
  • Trek equipment.
  • Services of experienced trekking guide, porters, helpers, and cook.
  • All required permits for the trek.
  • Basic First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.[/su_list]


  • Food during the vehicle travel during the trek is exclusive
  • Transport/travel expense to reach and return from Haridwar.
  • Soft-drinks / Beverages / Alcohols / Snacks / Chocolates, Personal expenses and tips Etc.
  • Health Insurance, Personal Insurance, and other travel insurance.
  • Porter’s service to carry your personal luggage*.
  • Expenses for evacuation and rescue operations due to natural calamity, mishaps, injury or any health problem.[/su_list]

* If you need service of a porter then you have to pay Rs.650/- per day provided you book the same with us 15 days before the date of commencement and maximum luggage limit is 10 KGs.

Items to bring with you.

  • Trekking Bag (60-70 Liters).
  • UV Protected Sun Glasses.
  • Best Quality Hiking Shoes (Preferably Water Proof).
  • Trekking Poles.
  • Crocs Shoes/sandal.
  • Water disinfection Drops / Tablets.
  • Knapsack / Backpack / Rucksack.
  • Good jacket to protect from cold.
  • Windcheater.
  • Thermals – Top and Bottom.
  • Poncho (for rain).
  • Knee Cap 1 Pair.
  • Moisturizer.
  • 1 quick drying towel.
  • Sunblocks (SPF 50 and above) and Lip Salve with Sunblocks.
  • Toilet Paper.
  • Wet-Tissue Papers/ Baby Wipes.
  • Headlamp, Torch with spare batteries.
  • Gloves.
  • Trekking Socks.
  • Gaiters for hiking in winter.
  • Basic First Aid Kit.
  • 2 lightweight trekking pants.
  • 3 lightweight trekking T-Shirt.
  • 4 pairs trekking socks.
  • Dry Fruits and Chocolates.

Day 1: Haridwar to Rishikesh

A hugely popular tourist spot in Uttarakhand, Haridwar is the very first stop on this amazing journey. A place of high religious importance, Haridwar witnesses a huge number of pilgrims from around the country. The well-connected railway network from the capital city Delhi makes it an easy journey to Haridwar from the same. The setting of Haridwar greatly raises the spirits within and widespread religious spots throughout the city look really beautiful. Lined along the banks of the Gangotri River, Haridwar has a beauty of its own. The famed evening ‘Aarti’ offered to Gangotri River is a cherishing sight. As you reach Haridwar, you set out on the amazing driving journey to Rishikesh. Yet another popular tourist spot of the region, Rishikesh is packed up with adventure sports and highly satisfies the craving for adventure. Popular sports like White Water Rafting and Bungee Jumping is a primary reason for the people to visit this place. Explore the area in the evening and spend the night in Rishikesh.

Day 2: Rishikesh to Uttarkashi (170 kms/ 4-5 hrs)

The beautiful Uttarkashi Town is located at an elevation of 1150m and takes up around 8 hours drive from Rishikesh to cover this 170km. Start the day early with breakfast, on the road that runs through the Ganga River Valley followed by Bhagirathi River Valley. As you reach Uttarkashi through an exciting road journey, you will have ample amount of time to explore the region. Nestling along the banks of the Bhagirathi River, Uttarkashi is a place of supreme religious importance. The town hosts a number of old temples and Ashrams that you can visit. The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is a notable spot in Uttarkashi as it is the gateway to many famous trekking expeditions in the Gangotri area. Spend the night in Uttarkashi.

Day 3: Uttarkashi to Gangotri (3048 m/ 10,000 ft) Drive (95 kms).

The destination today is the very famous Gangotri Town, located at 3,048 meters and at a distance of 95 KMs from Uttarkashi. Start the day with breakfast through the crossroads of Harshil known for its famous Wilson-Apple. The journey runs for a long 5 hours through the Bhairon Ghati cutting through the Bhairab Ganga River offering commanding views of a deep gorge below. As you reach Gangotri, you can spend the remaining time exploring the beautiful region.The Gangotri Temple is a prime attraction in the town and the picturesque of the surrounding Pine and Cedar trees is a highly enjoyable sight. A number of ashrams, small temples, and Dharamshalas lie on the other side of the river which you can also choose to explore.

Day 4: Rest Day.

As you move forward you are reaching high altitudes, so a proper acclimatization day is highly required to carry forward with this long trekking journey. Today you get to explore the holy town of Gangotri and give your body the much-needed rest.Enjoy the hike up to the Pandava Caves, reflecting upon the great mythology of the country, Mahabharatha. In the latter half of the day you can visit the ashrams, and darmashalas to indulge in the traditional practices of the Hindu religion and you also get to witness the grandeur of the evening ‘Aarti ’offered to the Ganga River. Enjoy your stay in the rich religious town of Gangotri.

Day 5: Gangotri (3048 m/ 10,000 ft) to Nala Camp (8 km Trek 5 – 6hrs trek).

The trekking journey begins today with Nala Camp as your first destination ahead. It is 6 hours uphill trek for 8 km that leads you to Nala camp. The trail begins out of the Gangotri and follows on the left side of the valley to Nala Camp.The walk traverses through the dense Pine and Birch Forests finally leading you to an opening that offers captivating views of the Himalayan Peaks. The Jogin and the Kedartal Range looks really incredible as you move forward to reach the banks of the Rudragaira River. Spend the night in the camp along the river.

Day 6: Nala Camp to Rudragaira Base Camp (7 km -5 hrs trek)

The trekking journey has started in full swing and today you will be heading towards the Rudragaira Base Camp. The ascending trail today makes you walk for 5 hours and cover a distance of 7km. The day begins out of the Nala Camp climbing up to a ridge and continuing to a side stream. The trail ahead is a steep climb all the way to the base camp.Though the walk is taxing and strenuous, the rewarding views of the distant ranges like Rudragaira Peak and Jogin Peak are highly admirable. The Auden Col Pass also shows it’s true virtue for the very first time. As you reach the Rudragaira Base Camp, prepare to spend the night here

Day 7: Rest Day

The days are strenuous ahead so a rest is highly recommended. While you stay at the base camp, you can choose to explore the region. A to and fro hike on a particular path leads you closer to the Rudrgaira Peak and you can savor the majestic beauty of the peak. The base camp is surrounded by sumptuous views of the Himalayan Vista and is a really enjoyable one. Stay the night in the base camp.

Day 8: Rudragaira Base Camp to Gangotri Group Base Camp (6 kms/5 hrs app).

After you have spent an enjoyable day in the Rudragaira Base Camp, start the next journey ahead is towards the Gangotri Group Base Camp. It is 5 hours walk on an ascending trail for 6 km leading you the destination. The walk constitutes of moraines and technical surfaces all the way to the base camp.The walk runs on a gradual ascent throughout but at times offering a challenge to the trekkers. As you reach the Gangotri Group Base Camp, you will be able to amaze at the bewildering views of the Gangotri I, II, and III Peaks. Enjoy the overnight stay here.

Day 9: Gangotri Group Base Camp to Auden’s Col Base Camp (6 km/5-6 hrs)

The journey today leads you to the primary destination of the trek, the Auden’s Col Base Camp. An ascending walk of around 6 hours for 6 KMs leads you to the artistic beauty of the Auden’s Col Base Camp. The journey today is equally challenging as the previous day and traverses through moraines and finally to the base camp. The rocky surrounding of the base camp stimulates your hunger for adventure. Spend a thrilling night in the Auden’s Col Base Camp.

Day 10: Auden’s Col Base Camp to Khatling Glacier (12 km 10 hrs approx)

The journey today is the although most exciting one but puts up a number of challenges all along the trek. It is a difficult walk today of 10 long hours and covering a distance of 12 KMs. The enticing walk is highly enjoyable and around 4 hours into the journey you will be reaching the Pass. The most thrilling part starts here as you will be crossing the pass through a rope fixed on both sides of the pass. As you get to the other side of the pass a sense of achievement fills up your heart and highly quenches your thirst for adventure. The bewildering of the picturesque Himalayan Vista surrounds the region and leaves you in a complete awe. The journey from the other side of the pass runs on a descending trail and needs to be done with extreme caution. A final traverse on the glacier for 5-6 KMs leads you to the campsite of the night. The tiring day ends as you set up the camp to spend the night. Enjoy the night full of relaxation in this commanding and captivating base camp.

Day 11: Khatling Glacier to Waterfall Camp (12 km/10 hrs approx)

Today is another long day of the journey as you head to the Waterfall Camp of the Khatling Glacier. 10 hours long strenuous walk covering a total distance of 12 KMs leads you to the stop for the night. The trail begins with a walk on the glacier for 8 KMs with the help of the technical gears. As you exit the glacier the walk ahead leads you to a moraine which you need to cover to get to the campsite. As you reach the camp site after the long day, spend a quaint night here.

Day 12: Waterfall Camp to Chowki (8 kms/4-5 hrs)

A short walk of 5 hours today leads you to Chowki. The walk begins along the river valley through the river before an open meadow unfolds before you. The walk further for another 4 km leads you to the grassy meadows of Chowki. Overnight stay in Chowki.

Day 13: Chowki to Masar Tal.

The astounding lake of Masar Tal located 8 KMs away from Chowki. The walk on the steep ascending trail today for about 7 hours leads you to the mesmerizing Masar Tal. The first part of the journey leads you to a ridge that overlooks a valley. The trail runs on a well-framed path surrounded by the picturesque beauty of nature. As you reach the Masar Tal Lake, prepare to spend the night here.

Day 14: Masar Tal to Vasuki Tal

Another beautiful lake in the journey, Vasuki Tal offers the raw magnificence of nature at it’s very best. Start the walk on an ascending trail for the first 3 KMs till you get to a ridge. After few switchbacks from the ridge, the trail descends down to Vasuki Tal. The camping ground is by the lake ideal for the night stay.

Day 15: Vasuki Tal to Kedarnath

Kedarnath is hugely popular owing to the rich tradition and religious virtues associated with it. Kedarnath witnesses a great number of pilgrims from all parts of the country round the year. It is a short trek of 3 hours on a descending trail of 5 KMs to Kedarnath. The Kedarnath Temple is a highly revered site of India and very rich in religious beliefs. The spiritual touch of the region flows in the breeze and as you reach Kedarnath, you will be amazed at the popularity of the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The night in Kedarnath will raise your spirits high.

Day 16: Kedarnath to Rudraprayag via Gaurikund

The sun rises here with the religious slokas, temple bells, and the charismatic aroma of the region. Today you will be descending down on a well-crafted path for about 4 hours and cover a distance of 14 KMs to reach the popular destination of Gaurikund. On the trail to Gaurikund, you will be crossing through the Ramabara Village and a cascading waterfall inside a forest.Descend further down to Gaurikund. A 4 hours drive from Gaurikund finally leads you to the mesmerizing Rudraprayag. Stay the night here.

Day 17: Rudraprayag to Haridwar.

The final day of the trek takes you back to the beautiful Haridwar. After bidding the final adieu to the region you start with the journey. The drive back to Haridwar continues on the mountain roads and the sight of the Ganges along the trek is really incredible. The drive back to Haridwar takes you through the popular regions like Devprayag and Rishikesh. As you reach Haridwar, you will get time to explore the beautiful city yet again. Make your final night in Haridwar a really enjoyable one.

Day 18: Departure

This is the last day of the expedition. You can check out by 12 pm and depart towards your hometown until we meet in our next expedition.

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