• Duration 7 nights / 8 days
  • Indian Price Call Us
  • Best Time Any
  • Difficulty Level High
Region Himalayan Ranges in India (Jammu and Kashmir
Tour Activity Type: Group Adventure
Group Size: Not Described
Duration: 7 nights / 8 days
Difficulty Level: High
Best time to travel Not Described
Approx Trekking Km Not Described
Trip Begins and Ends at Srinagar / Srinagar
Maximum Altitude Gain 4, 404 meters / 14, 450 feet
Type of Accommodation Tent/Guest House

Trekking adventures pose a challenge at times. The difficult trails often call out to the travel enthusiasts and give them the chance to conquer the destination. The Warwan Valley is a less traveled trekking journey filled with utmost adventure and outstanding beauty.

Nestling proudly between the unmatched beauty of Ladakh and vast greenery of Kashmir, the Warwan Valley Trekserves the ultimate dish of beauty and thrills alike. The trail traverses through the barren mountains of Ladakh until you reach Sumdo, and the shift in the landscape with the Bracken Glacier after the Lomilad Pass leaves the trekkers in complete awe. As you walk further, the captivating beauty of the Warwan Valley unfolds before you. The rich flora and fauna of the region and the rural villages greatly describe how the raw beauty of nature looks like without the touch of modernization.

The 9 days is quite a tough one to walk for inexperienced trekkers. A number of tough stretches along the walk at times requires traversing the huge Bracken Glacier. The Warwan Valley Trek presents you with a long picturesque raw elegance of nature untouched by civilization. The isolated side of Kashmir is yet again a paradise to explore.

High physical fitness is a must in this exciting journey as each day comprises of long stretches of the walk. The terrain is quite tough to walk on and prior preparation is highly advised.


  • Accommodation in tents/guesthouses on twin/three sharing basis during the trek.
  • Transport from Srinagar to Panikhar base camp and from Chaudraiman to Srinagar.
  • Full Vegetarian Meals and Snacks on the trekking route.
  • Trek equipment.
  • Services of experienced trekking guide, porters, helpers, and cook.
  • All required permits for the trek.
  • Basic First aid medical kits and oxygen cylinder.


  • Travel expenses/Transport to reach Srinagar and return.
  • Food during the transit from Srinagar to Panikhar base camp and from Chaudraiman to Srinagar.
  • Final night accommodation after reaching Srinagar.
  • Soft-drinks / Beverages / Alcohols / Snacks / Chocolates, Personal expenses and tips Etc.
  • Health Insurance, Personal Insurance, and other travel insurance.
  • Porter’s service to carry your personal luggage*.
  • Expenses for evacuation and rescue operations due to natural calamity, mishaps, injury or any health problem.

* If you need service of a porter then you have to pay Rs.650/- per day provided you book the same with us 15 days before the date of commencement and maximum luggage limit is 10 KGs.

Items to bring with you.

  • Trekking Bag (60-70 Liters).
  • UV Protected Sun Glasses.
  • Best Quality Hiking Shoes (Preferably Water Proof).
  • Trekking Poles.
  • Crocs Shoes/sandal.
  • Water disinfection Drops / Tablets.
  • Knapsack / Backpack / Rucksack.
  • Good jacket to protect from cold.
  • Windcheater.
  • Thermals – Top and Bottom.
  • Poncho (for rain).
  • Knee Cap 1 Pair.
  • Moisturizer.
  • 1 quick drying towel.
  • Sunblocks (SPF 50 and above) and Lip Salve with Sunblocks.
  • Toilet Paper.
  • Wet-Tissue Papers/ Baby Wipes.
  • Headlamp, Torch with spare batteries.
  • Gloves.
  • Trekking Socks.
  • Gaiters for hiking in winter.
  • Basic First Aid Kit.
  • 2 lightweight trekking pants.
  • 3 lightweight trekking T-Shirt.
  • 4 pairs trekking socks.
  • Dry Fruits and Chocolates.

Day 1: Srinagar to Panikhar Base Camp (3,291 meters / 10,800 feet)

The small beautiful Panikhar Village is the first destination you will be reaching to. Very few numbers of houses are present in this small village and the architecture reflects the Zanskari traditions. The village is so small that you can literally step into the next village without even leaving Panikhar Village. The rural lifestyle can be observed in this small village with very few shops and outstretched farming lands.While you are in Panikhar, you can stroll across the beautiful Suru Valley. The artistic placing of the lush green valley amidst the barren mountains is an admirable sight.It takes around a 10 hours drive from Srinagar to reach Panikhar Village where you will be spending the night.

Day 2: Panikhar Base Camp (3,291 meters / 10,800 feet) to Sumdo (3,764 meters / 12,350 feet)

Located at an elevation of 12,350 feet, the hefty walk starts today towards Sumdo. A continuous gradual ascend on a difficult trail for about 6 hours leads you to Sumdo, 15 km away. The trail crosses the gushing Panikhar Nala out of the village and follows a narrow valley to a check post. The gradual ascending trail gives the incredible scenery of the barren mountains while the milky white river below approaches the Suru.Around 3 hours into the trail, a sudden appearance of a stream flowing down from the overhanging cliffs quenches your thirst. Follow the trail further that leads you to the lush green meadow of Doska, an ideal place for catching a breath. After a bit of rest start walking ahead to get the first glimpses of the Barkaval Settlements. Another 1 hour into the trail takes you to the two intersecting valleys and finally to Sumdo. Prepare to spend the night in this lush green valley of Sumdo.


Day 3: Sumdo (3,764 meters / 12,350 feet) to Kalapari (3,916 meters / 12,850 feet)


A short journey today of 1.5 hours takes you to 12,850 feet of Kalapari. The trail runs through a number of free-flowing streams that you will have to cross on the way. Start the walk crossing the Barkaval Settlement and through the icy cold rivers for around half an hour to get to the other side of the basin. After you get to the other side follow the path that leads to the Barkaval Huts which you will by-pass also.The walk ahead leads you to a flattish ground and the panoramic view of the entire Sumdo and Demora Basin is a real treat to the eyes. A 30 min steady walk further finally leads you to the ideal campsite of the Kalapari Meadows. The junction of the two valleys dominated by large glaciers and waterfalls with ice walls looks astonishing and grand as well. Overnight stay here


Day 4: Kalapari (3,916 meters / 12,850 feet) to Kaintal (3,505 meters / 11,500 feet) via Lomvilad Gully (4,404 meters / 14,450 feet)

Start the day at the earliest as today you will be experiencing the longest trekking journey of nearly 11 hours for 21 km through an elevation of 14,450 feet. The trail begins out of Kalapari through the moraines up ahead. Half an hour of the walk into the trail leads you to a large rock offering exhilarating views of the Kalapari Summit, Kalapari Meadows, and the glacier. Follow the trail that runs on a wide black glacier which you need to cross. As you cross the glacier, the walk ahead leads to another glacier before traversing through a moraine. The trail ahead after the glacier leads you to a ridge that offers the most admirable sights. The 360-degree picturesque beauty combines the streams flowing down, the lake, and the flanks of Kalapari. Follow the trail to finally cross the pass at 14,450 feet. Cross the pass to walk on vast snowfields before the commanding valley unfolds before you. The descending walk ahead through a large glacier finally leads to a boulder path. After you cross the rocky terrain the lush grasslands of the region welcome you which will be your camping spot for the night. The tiring and strenuous walk today will be highly rewarded by the calm, serene, and vast Kaintal Meadow. Stay the night here.

Day 5: Kaintal (3,505 meters / 11,500 feet) to Humpet (3,322 meters / 10, 900 feet)

A descent of 19 km for 6 hours takes you down to your destination at 10,900 feet, Humpet. The trek begins out of Kaintal and runs along the river passing through few Gujjar huts. The trail crosses the stream followed by a wide and vast meadow. Follow the trail ahead to reach the grassy hump. A walk further for a few more hours brings you to the Sar Grassland.Following the trail out of the Sar Grassland in the northerly direction takes away the view of the Kaintal Glacier. Two hours more into the journey leads you to the beautiful Humpet. Admire the incredible artistic setting of Humpet with Gujjar Settlements, snow-capped barren mountains of Ladakh, and the lush green snow-capped mountains of Kashmir. Prepare to stay the night here.

Day 6: Humpet (3,322 meters / 10, 900 feet) Sukhnai (2,804 meters / 9,200 feet)

Today’s journey will be 8 hours descend for 19 km to get to 9,200 feet, the mesmerizing grasslands of Sukhnai and the outstanding Sukhnai Village. The walk begins out of Humpet through the first tree line of Silver Birch trees. The Kaintal Nala River comes into view as you move forward on the trail to reach Police Kotha.The extensively beautiful Warwan Valley welcomes you. The walk ahead leads you to the Sukhnai Mounds. Walk towards the mound to cross it and finally reach Sukhnai Village. Enjoy the final night in Sukhnai Village.


Day 7: Sukhnai to Chaudraiman and to Srinagar

The walk on the incredibly beautiful trail today for 7 hours leads you to Chaudraiman and finally to Srinagar. Along the way, the Rakanwas Village will be your first milestone to cross, followed by the ferns and pastures to reach the Gumbar Village.The exciting trail ahead of Gumbar Village passes through few other rural villages of the region, cutting through vivid landscapes and bewildering views of the surrounding area to finally reach Chaundraiman. The journey ahead of Chaundraiman leads you to Srinagar before crossing Anantnag, Inshan, and Larnoo. Bid your final adieu to this memorable and breathtaking journey as you enjoy your final ride back to Srinagar.Unexplored regions deliver an unmatched experience and when the region is well complemented with compelling views of raw nature, the destination becomes even more exciting and grand.

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