Kedarkantha Trek

Kedarkantha Trek Details

Kedarkantha Trek

The most beautiful possession one can have in life experiences. Experiences help you plan the way of living life and also prepares you for every step. Destinations appeal to travelers, an ideal way of gathering exciting experiences.
Trekking is an amazing experience that has always rewarded in the best possible way. 

The mesmerizing awesomeness of the falling snow over the pine trees reflects any fairy tale story. The majestic picturesque of the Himalayas from the top is even more enthralling.

Set at an elevation of 12,500 ft, the Kedarkantha trek is not only limited to delivering adventure and thrill. The fairly easy trail takes you through amazing views of the snow-capped mountains, lush green meadows, frozen ponds, rich flora and fauna, high peaks, and beautiful snowfall adding to the list. The 6 days itinerary of 20km is not suited only for adventure seekers but it is an ideal journey to bask in the raw beauty of nature and get lost in some mesmerizing moments. Let’s have a detailed look into the journey.

Kedarkantha Trek

Day 1 – Arrival at Sankri

The journey begins with your arrival in Dehradun city and set out on a 220km journey to the beautiful Sankri. The long journey is accompanied by scenic surroundings and joy of traveling. The journey gets better and beautiful and the last 22km of the drive excites the most.
Passing through the Govind National park, you will get to witness the myriad flora which is typical to only this region and not found in any other part of India. As you reach Sankri, you will get to amaze at the beauty of the setting sun of the Himalayas, a sight to die for. Enjoy the time in Sankri and stay the night here.

Day 2 – Juda -Ka -Talab

Today you will be commencing with your walking journey, and the Juda – Ka-Talab is the first destination on the list. The 4 km walking journey to 9100ft elevation takes about 5 hours to complete and the Sor village is your first milestone ahead.
The road out of the Sor village runs along a stream and constitutes of a number of climbs on bridges and the path is layered with beautiful brown leaves of the Pine and Maple trees. Follow the trail ahead to cross a few more streams through dense Oak vegetation to reach the beautiful Jadu-Ka-Talab. The place is picture-perfect and quite famous among the trekkers, owing to the incredible setting. Explore the region and spend the night here.

Day 3 – Kedarkantha Trek Base

The Kedarkantha Trek Base camp is located at an altitude of 11,250 ft and on a moderate speed walk you can reach the 4km away distance within 2 and a half hours. The straight path follows through dense forest and jungles and steeply ascends on ridges all the way.
As you walk on the trail, there will be a viewpoint just before the base camp and the views from there are a delight to the eyes. The viewpoint offers some exciting and enthralling views of the snow-capped ranges like Ranglana, Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini, and Kala Nag. Enjoy the views and resume on the journey to reach the base camp. Spend the night stargazing in the base.

Day 4 – Kedarkantha peak and back to Hargaon Camp

The challenging journey today takes you to an elevation of 12,500 ft, the Kedarkantha peak and then dropping down to 8900ft, the Hargaon Camp. Start the day early as its a 7 hours long strenuous journey. The excitement of conquering the peak keeps your spirits high throughout the journey. The journey starts with a walk through Oak forest and towards the end arrive at the peak. Enjoy the panoramic views of the captivating Uttarakhand peaks from the summit.

After admiring the bewildering raw beauty of nature, you will begin descending to the Hargaon camp. The trail passes through Oak, Pine, and Maple forests and number of clearings on the way to finally Hargaon camp. Spend a quaint night in the camp.

Day 5 – Sankri

Today you will be traveling towards the concluding part of the journey, and the destination is yet again Sankri from where you began with your walking. Start the day with breakfast and follow the 4 hours trail on a smooth well-paved path along the flowing streams to gauge at the captivating views of the Har Ki Doon valley.

Follow the trail further through dense forests to witness the signs of habitations indicating Sankri in the vicinity. As you reach Sankri, spend the remaining time exploring the region.
While exploring, you can also choose to do some souvenir shopping for your loved ones back home. The handmade toys here are quite famous and you can also choose to buy some wooden home decors. Indulge in interactions with the locals and have a deep insight into the local lifestyle of the region. Try out the delicacies of the region and make your last night here a memorable one.