Khatling Glacier

Khatling Glacier

A traveler’s soul is never at rest and as I belong to that breed, I never fail to amuse me with new destinations and places every now and then. My trekking expeditions are never highly planned and do not follow any pattern but I am thoroughly glad my journeys have always lived up to my expectations. Walking through the raw beauty of nature, devoid of human interaction and fabrication, and witnessing the unparallel beauty of the surrounding is the most exciting way to extract the best out of life. I might sound unrealistic but I have always fancied destinations that put up a lot of challenges but reward me with some exhilarating picturesque beauty.

Khatling Glacier

In Uttarakhand, I have nearly covered most of the trails, and the trail to Khatling Glacier was a top notch experience. A photographer’s delight, the journey to Khatling Glacier was thrilling and enticing in every possible manner. After completion of my journey, I brought back some of the best memories of the commanding peaks like Jogin Group, Barte Kautar, Kirti Stamb, Meru, and Sphetic Pristwar. The sight of the high altitude meadow, Panwali Kantha and my visit to the Trijuginarayan Temple was enchanting.

My journey to Khatling Glacier began in Rishikesh and the Rishikesh Town is undoubtedly one of the finest towns that are perfectly blended with spiritualism and adventure. The temples and ashrams were extremely beautiful but the adventure sports were above par. From Rishikesh, I started with a drive to Ghuttu the following day. It was quite an enjoyable ride and along the way, I got to witness the famed Tehri Dam. The prosperous village of Ghuttu was a mesmerizing place and the surroundings of the village are amazingly crafted with lush greenery and steep mountains.

From Ghuttu my trekking expedition began towards Reeh and the walk mainly continued on a steep ascending trail leaving me quite tired. Through the beauty of Devling River Valley and Deolang village, I finally reached the campsite situated beside a Rhododendron Forest.

Over the next 3 days, I enjoyed my walk to the next three beautiful destinations, Gangi, Kharsali, and Bedikharag. While Gangi offered me an intimidating opportunity to have a deeper insight into the lifestyle of the local villagers and indulge in interactions with them, Kharsali rewarded me with an endless high altitude meadow which was truly mesmerizing. My walk to Bedikharag was truly thrilling for two facts, one from Bedkhirag I was supposed to go to Khatling Glacier and en route to Bedikharag, I witnessed some really admirable places. The trail ran adjacent to the Kharsali River and along the way I was quite amazed to visit the thunderous Tamakund Cave and Bumkodaar Cave. Finally, I was in the base camp.

The day started early as I had to gear up for the journey to Khatling Glacier. A to and fro journey from BediKharag to Khatling and back to Bedikharag was a total of 12km and it was supposed to be extremely tiresome and strenuous through the moraine and scree as I reached the top at 3900 m I was totally bewildered by the panoramic beauty of the surrounding. I explored the glacier as much as I could but I could only cover a mere 700 m of the huge glacier before retracing my steps back to Bedikharag and as I reached the campsite, my tired body retired to bed at the earliest.

Yes, my primary destination was covered but my journey was not over. Many surprises were planned along the further walk and I thoroughly enjoyed the next days as well. Through Gangi, Panwani Kantha Meadows and Maggu Chatti I finally reached the Trijuginarayan Temple on my way to Gaurikund. It was quite an experience and a chance to cleanse my soul from within. From the temple, I carried on my trail to Gaurikund and finally concluding the trek at Haridwar.

It was an enthralling experience trekking this trail. Though quite tiring and long, the trail rewarded me with the magnificence of nature at it’s very best.