Lamayuru Padum

Lamayuru Padum

While India is blessed with numerous fascinating trekking trails, some trails leave a lasting impression in the heart of the trekkers. My trekking journeys have been highly satisfying and every time I came back with a bundle of joyous memories and similarly when I attempted the Lamayuru Padum Trek, I knew great things were waiting for me and rightly so I was overwhelmed with the expedition. The Lamayuru Monastery is the famous monastery in Leh region that is immensely beautiful and rewards every traveler with a sublime experience. The primary attraction of the journey was the thrilling trail and the sumptuous locations. It was a long journey blessed with nature’s extravaganza through some beautiful locations and ends finally in Padum.

Lamayuru Padum Trek

Apart from the exceptionally beautiful Lamayuru Monastery, I was hugely entertained with the visits to other places like Kargil, Lingshet, Karsha, and Padum.

On the first day of the journey to Lamayuru Padum, I was in Leh and was greatly enjoying the exploration of the region. The artistic setting of Leh, the rugged landscapes, the distant peaks all combined fantastically to reward me with an enchanting view. I also visited the famous Shanti Stupa and also spent some time in Thiksey Monastery, Hemis Monastery, and Shey Palace.

From Leh, I began with my journey and the first stop was Lamayuru Monastery. A 125 km drive cutting through the raw brilliance of Leh was an extremely enjoyable experience. En route to Lamayuru, I visited the Alchi Monastery and Liker Monastery. The night at the guesthouse was very enjoyable. Over the next couple of days, I walked further to Wanla through Priktin La and from Wanla I went forward to Hanupatta. On the trail to Wanla, the walk beside the Shilakung River was the best part of the walk, while Hanupatta Gorge was extremely intimidating. Both these days were filled with great adventure and thrill.

As I journeyed forward, the trail got even more enticing and daunting and traversed through some inexhaustible grandeur of nature. From Hanupatta, I walked further to Photoskar Village, and along the way, I witnessed picturesque views from the top of the Sirsir La. Next stop was the base of another pass, the Singay La. At an elevation of 4300m, the walk was quite tiring but the views were breathtaking. I had to cross a stream in order to get to the campsite, which was placed perfectly under the supreme beauty of nature.

One of the longest days ahead, the walk to Lingshet was undoubtedly one of the toughest, I had to cover a total of three passes, the Singay La, the Kyukpa La, and the Margo La. Each of these passes offered highly enthralling views of the surrounding and the final walk to Lingshet Village was equally thrilling. The monastery in the village was extremely pretty.

From Lingshet Village, the trail took me to Snyarste Village, and the long 8 hours of walk comprised of crossing the Hanuma La. From the top of the pass, I witnessed the entirety of the Lingshet Village, which was impeccable. Hanamur was my next stop from Snyarste and today also I had to cross another pass, the very famous and beautiful Parfi La. Though the walk was quite strenuous the serene ambiance of the Hanamur Village was extremely outstanding.

The journey to the campsite at Pishu was done the next day and from there the further walk took me to Karsha Village. The trail traversed along the beautiful Zanskar River all the way to Karsha Village where I visited the Karsha Monastery, and it was an unforgettable experience.

The final destination Padum was awaiting and it was a short and crisp journey ahead. I had to cross a river immediately after leaving Karsha Village and trail passed through the beautiful Pibithing Village. As I reached Padum, I visited the enchanting Sani Monastery and Stakrimo Monastery.

While I planned on going back to Leh directly from Padum, Kargil was unavoidable. I decided to stay an extra day at Kargil and what an awesome journey it was. En route to Kargil, I also witnessed the panoramic excellence of the place from the top of the Penza La and as I reached Kargil, I was totally bewildered by the beauty of the place.

From Kargil, I finally took the drive back to Leh and concluded the enticing journey at Leh. The whole trek was blessed with some really fascinating passes and extremely thunderous locations. I strongly recommend this journey to all the enthusiastic travelers out there who wish to explore nature at its very best.