Lamayuru to Darcha trek

Lamayuru to Chilling

Lamayuru to Chilling

Leh is blessed with the inexhaustible beauty of nature at its very best and each and every percent of Leh is wonderful in its own virtue. Now I am an enthusiastic traveler who loves to visit new and exciting places with a hope to discover something incredible each time. My trekking expeditions have blessed me with an insight into the local villages of every place and also helped me indulge in interactions with the villagers. I love meeting new people and above everything, I am addicted to the raw grandeur of nature. When I decided to attempt the Lamayuru to Chilling Trek, I knew it well it would be one of the finest experiences of my life.

Lamayuru to Chilling trek

The Lamayuru to Chilling trek is a well known and popular trail that traverses through some highly enjoyable and beautiful locations. From the quaint villages to the captivating monasteries, the trail is artistically crafted to cater to all type of travelers. As I was walking through the campsites, each and every day I had a unique kind of surprise and even each day I witnessed a whole different avatar of Leh.

Now the Lamayuru Monastery was the starting point of the trek, but my journey already began as soon as I was in Leh. The vivid landscapes of Leh were unparallel, it boasted the raw form of nature in all aspects, and the incredibly rugged and sandy setting was breathtaking. My time in Leh was quite enticing as I explored all I could and even visited some famous spots like the Thiksey Monastery, Shey Palace, the extremely captivating Shanti Stupa and a few other beautiful places.

From Leh, the Lamayuru Monastery was my first stop which I covered with quite an ease. Though it was 125 km long journey, the commanding scenes of the region kept my spirits high and roaring. En route to Lamayuru, I also stopped at the Alchi and Liker Monastery. Both these places were truly fascinating.

My trek route started from Lamayuru and the first stop was Wanla. The walk to Wanla was extremely thrilling as I had to walk up to a high pass called the Priktin La. The walk was a perfect way to boost adrenaline rush and I even walked along the very calm and serene Shilakung River. On the next day from Wanla, the walk led me to Urtsi and the walk was on a very old route, the goat path. The walk was quite thrilling as it had some treacherous turns and bends. The enthralling sight of the mountains was incomparable and followed all the way to Urtsi. The incredible setting of Urtsi was surreal and marvelous. On the next day from Urtsi, it was another short walk on the same goat path to Hinju Village. I had some fun time exploring the village and even visited the Diskir and Dolkar Monastery.

I had only a couple of more days left on the journey but on the 6th day, I was all prepared for the most hectic and tiring walk of the whole trail. The destination of Sumda Chenmo and it was a really difficult walk. At one point I had to walk on a really steep climb to Konza La Pass which was hectic. The views from the top of the pass were enchanting and from there the final walk to the small Sumda Chenmo Village was long. I retired quite early for the night in here.

The very last day of the walk was to Chilling, the last destination of the trail. I knew it would be quite difficult as I had to cover a total of two passes, the Pagal La Pass and Dungdunchen La Pass. While the walk to Pagal La Pass was not much tough, but the climb to Dungdunchen La was strenuous. As I reached the top, I was effortlessly gazing at the enthralling beauty of the Zanskar Range and Markha Range. It was outstanding and astounding. From there I enjoyed a final walk to chilling and finally concluded the trek in Chilling.

lamayuru to Chilling was truly an inspiring journey for me as the trek presented me some highly enticing views and also led me to mix with a unique set of people. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting the Monasteries and the trail had both leisure walking and the right amount of thrilling as well.