Likir to Temisgam Trek

Likir to Temisgam

Likir to Temisgam

As a kid, I always had this habit of collecting postcards with beautiful places printed on them. And as I grew up this hobby became more of a passion and I developed this urge of visiting superb locations that offer the beauty of nature in its best form. This urge of mine has taken me to a number of beautiful places and now and each time have surprised me with some brilliant forms of nature. My trekking expeditions have never followed any specific pattern, I have always searched through the incredible destinations and chose the one that seems the finest. The Likir to Temisgam Trek I have attempted in the recent past was undoubtedly one of the very best routes I have ever walked on.

This trail is often known as the Sham Valley Trek also but as the first and last stops are at Likir village and Temisgam so the name Likir-Temisgam Trek has originated. The journey was set around the Leh Ladakh region, and Trekking in Leh is an unmatched experience that rewards everyone with an unparallel nature’s vista.

The trek route was small and was easily covered within 4 days of walking, but the sights I encountered on this journey was supreme in every aspect. I walked up to an elevation of 4000 m, I had the chance to mix with the locals of the villages like HemisSukpachen and Ang, and I was also blessed to witness some really beautiful monasteries of the region. The rugged and barren landscape of Leh was incomparably breathtaking and the trail had some thrilling turns here and there.

I knew that Leh has some amazing sights to offer to the travelers so when I landed in Leh, I decided instantaneously that I would spend a couple of days here in Leh and explore the beauty of the region. While the vivid landscapes of Leh were really captivating, the monasteries in and around Leh were top notch also. In a span of two days, I visited the Shey Palace, Stok Museum, Thiksey Monastery, Leh Palace, and the stupendous Shanti Stupa. Each of these places had something unique to offer, but they all were blessed with an overwhelming setting and enchanting beauty.

From Leh, I started with my highly anticipated journey and the first stop was the very beautiful Likir Village. At a distance of 58 km from Leh, the drive to Likir Village was a fascinating journey that presented with the magnificence of the surrounding regions. Likir was the starting point of the journey, and I started with my trek from Likir to Yangthang. The crossing of the Phobe La Pass and Chagatse La Pass added a great amount of thrill to the walk. As I reached Yangthang, I visited the very famous Ridzog Monastery in here.

I was heavily engrossed in the striking brilliance of nature in the region, and I began with my next walk to HemisSukhpachen Village the next day. The walk was fairly easy in all aspects but along the way, I had to cross the Tsenmarchen La, which was a remarkable experience. The artistic setting of the village was enthralling, the dense Cedar Trees, clear streams, and the vast barley fields were beautiful.

Ang Village was my next and also the final stop before Leh. On my way to Ang Village, I again walked up to another pass, the Meblak La Pass and what a sight it was. The surrounding was picturesque and the colorful prayer flags were extremely beautiful. As I reached Ang Village, I was surprised to see the incredible apricot orchards.

The very last day’s of walking was directed back to Leh, but the final stop was in the last spot of the trekking trail, Temisgam. The trek to Temisgam traversed through the commanding views of the surroundings and I thoroughly enjoyed this final walk. FromTemisgam it was a drive back to Leh where I finally concluded the journey.

Call it the Likir to Temisgam Trek or the Sham Valley Trek, the journey presented me with the inexhaustible beauty of nature and the short trail is perfectly crafted for travelers who wish to witness the finest in the shortest.