Masar Tal via Khatling Glacier

Masar Tal via Khatling Glacier

Masar Tal via Khatling Glacier

Since my growing years, I had this urge for traveling and was always ready to take the risks. As a child also I persuaded my parents to take me to amazing places and even brainwashed them that how traveling can help a person lead a healthy life, but as I grew up I realized that traveling truly aids in better and healthier lifestyle. Well this one is about my incredible journey to  Masar Tal via Khatling Glacier

Khatling Glacier

My relationship with trekking has never been sour and I have always enjoyed walking on the less traveled trails. A place without much Human interaction is extremely alluring and that is why trekking is one of the finest things to opt for. When I stumbled upon the Masar Tal via Khatling Glacier Trekking Trail I knew that I had to try this and boy it was an experience to savor.

With loads and loads of good hopes and aspirations, I finally initiated my journey and I had a strong belief that the journey will fascinate me in every way possible. The trail was set in Uttarakhand, and experienced trekkers rated this journey to be quite tough and hectic. A long 16 days of the total through some of the really daring situations, this ain’t a walk for mere beginners. This trail is extremely popular owing to the incredible destinations and sights it offers. From Snow-capped peaks to high altitude lakes, some really beautiful highland meadows and fancy glaciers, this journey offers all and once I completed the journey I was totally bewildered by the trip.

From my hometown, I started with the superb train journey to Rishikesh. One of the most interesting and popular places in Uttarakhand, Rishikesh has a prime religious importance and also an ideal place for a young crowd looking for adventure. In Rishikesh, I had an awesome time visiting the temples and ashrams and also tried my hand in the thunderous adventure sporting options. My days passed effortlessly and the next day I traveled further to Uttarkashi and stayed there. Quite similar in the setting, Uttarkashi is also a famous pilgrimage spot of the country.

From Uttarkashi, my trek finally started and my first destination was Sillachhan. After a breathtaking ride for the first 25 km to Malla through the amazing mountain roads, I started with my walk to Sillachhan which was another 9 km away. The camping ground was ecstatic. My next day’s walk was quite exciting as I trekked along a fairly easy path, I reached Kush Kalyani. I was quite amazed to witness the grandeur of the Jogin Group of Peaks and Draupadi Ka Danda. Kyarki Khal was my next destination in the walk and it was quite an enjoyable walk as well through the amazing beauty of mother nature.

Over the next two days, I had an amazing time walking to Parital and Shasra Tal. The artistic setting of Parital was truly mesmerizing while Shasra Tal was a place of its own caliber. The picturesque beauty of nature along with glimpses of Jogin Glacier, Meru Glacier, and Kirti Stambh was a treat to the eyes.

The walk to Kalyani was quite thrilling and full of adventure. The treacherous path needed a smart approach and the wide areas were quite confusing at times. On the very next day, I trekked to Kharsoli and through the Rhododendrons and rich flora of the region as I reached Kharsoli, my tired body was going short of breath already.

Tambakund was my destination for the next day and also my base camp for the hike to Khatling Glacier. It was quite a daring walk but I somehow managed to push myself and finally reached Tambakund.

Finally, I was gearing up for the toughest walk to Khatling Glacier and back. It had to be tough and once I was on the trail, I realized it was. But as I reached the top, I was totally awestruck by the pure bliss of nature. The views of the surrounding were enchanting and picturesque in every way. My descent back to Tambakund was again quite fun as along the way I got to explore the rich flora of the region and even got to see a Brahma Kamal. My body was extremely tired and I had such a peaceful and serene sleep at the night.

Another day of excitement was waiting as I had to walk to Masar Tal Lake. The peaks surrounding the Khatling Valley were looking enthralling and the sight of the Bhimtal lake was truly remarkable. As I reached Masar Tal, I was totally dumbfounded by the incredible artistic setting of the place. The campsite was admiring and the landscape was gorgeous in every way.

My next few days were quite enjoyable as well as I visited the super famous Vasu Ki Tal and was quite famished by the beauty of the place, through Kedarnath, Rudraprayag, and Gaurikund I finally ended my journey in the religious town of Haridwar. I did spend an extra day exploring Haridwar and cleansing my soul from within. The whole journey was enticing and filled with loads of excitements and a fascinating beauty of mother nature if you crave for delightful sights and if you think you can fight the pain of such a prolonged walk, then this is an ideal walk for you. A life-changing experience as a whole.

Masar Tal via Khatling Glacier Trek is one of the most famous trekking trails in India and many adventure seekers dream destination. I am thankfull to Mother Nature for the beauty she holds.