Muktinath Temple Travel Guide – Places to Visit

Positioned amid the magnificent Himalayas, Nepal is a place that magnetises its tourists by its mesmerising natural landscapes as well as local culture. Nepal is home to various sacred places including Muktinath Temple, Pashupatinath Temple etc.  Muktinath Temple is the renowned symbol of the spiritual symbiosis amid both Buddhists and Hindus. The sacred temple, which is believed to have occurred on its own, is one of one hundred eight Vaishnava shrines. The name “Muktinath” is derived from two words, i.e. Mukti means Salvation and Nath means God.

Some of the famous attractions near Muktinath Temple are as follows: Famous Attractions near Muktinath Temple.

Jwala Mai Temple

The temple is located in the south region of Muktinath Temple and is renowned for its spring and continually burning three flames that appear from the soil, water and rock naturally. As per Hindu believes this wonder of fire lighting was offered by Lord Brahma. The Dhola Mebar Gompa Monastery near the temple is also worth to watch.

Mukti Dhara

At the backside of the Muktinath Temple, there are 108 Dharas (waterspouts) known as “Muktidhara”. These 108 bull-headed spouts continuously sprinkle chilled holy water, coming from Gandaki River. If you are tripping to Muktinath Temple, do not forget to take a sacred bath here, since taking a bath underneath these spouts is considered to bring salvation.


The place is dedicated to Lord Shri Swaminarayan. The Hindu spiritual leader is considered the creator of Sabij Yoga and has links to Muktinath Temple. Sabij Yogais considered a path towards divinity. Shri Swaminarayan practiced strict sacrament in Muktinath for about 2 ½ months and achieved the uppermost level of aptitude in Nishkamrat. This small monument will must take you to a quick tour of peaceful inner self.

Mukti Kunda

In frontage of Muktinath Temple, there are 2 holy water Kunda (Water ponds), acknowledged as Saraswoti & Laxmi Kunda. It is believed that the holy water of these ponds can rinse away all your past sins and negative karma (actions).

Mharme Lha Khang Gompa

It is a must to pay the visit to this monastery, once you have been to the temple. Located in the northern region of the Muktinath Temple, it is devoted to Guru Rimpoche also recognised as Padmasambhava. You would love to see the astonishing clay idol with his deities, surrounding the saint.

Sri Murthy Mahatma

This is also a famous attraction near Muktinath Temple where visitors can find all 5 elements of life, i.e. water, fire, sky, air and earth at the same place simultaneously in their own.


Visitors can find and collect the remnants of the Jurassic Park Era from the River Kali Gandaki. Shaligram, a black stone relic is measured holy and is believed to be the figure of Lord Vishnu which is kept in the sacred or holy place n the home.


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