Muktinath Temple

Muktinath Temple – Ways of Touring and Best Time to Visit the Temple

Muktinath Temple  – Ways of Touring and Best Time to Visit the Temple

Positioned at the height of around 3710 meters above the sea level, the Muktinath Temple is a sacred and religious place of Nepal. The name of the temple itself creates lure amongst pilgrims as it is a combination of two words, i.e. Mukti & Nath where Mukti means Moksha or Salvation and Nath means Master or God. Since Muktinath is a famous pilgrimage to both Buddhists and Hindus a number of people from all around the globe visit this site to achieve liberation or Moksha.
Muktinath Temple is one amongst the eight holy and sacred shrines of Hindus as well as it is as well one amongst the one hundred eight Vaishnava shrines. Apart from holding its own spiritual significance, the surroundings around the temple also present an attention-grabbing sight of the great Himalayas and other natural beauties.

Adjacent to a background of unbelievable simplicity, visitors can take pleasure of snow-covered Annapurna range in the southern side and towards the north their lies the Tibetan plateau. The beautiful valley encompasses seven notable and historic villages- Jhong, Putak, Khinga, Purang, Chhyonkhar, Jharkot and the new settlement Ranipauwa.

Ways to Reach the Temple

Every year loads of people visit Nepal to visit the temple, but the only query that comes in their mind is how to reach the place as it is situated in height. If you are also planning a trip to the place and have the same query in your mind then here is the answer to your query:

One can reach Muktinath Temple through two ways, i.e. either by road through jeep or by Flight.

• How to reach by road- one can reach Muktinath Temple Darshan by hiring Jeep or booking bus from either Kathmandu which takes three days or from Pokhara which takes two days to reach Muktinath.

• How to reach by flight- one can reach Muktinath Temple easily in one day by taking flight from Pokhara to Jomsom that takes just 15 minutes then, about 11/2 hour of jeep drive to Ranipauwa and then 20 minutes walk to reach the temple. Or visitors can take the direct flight of around 1 hour and 30 minutes from Kathmandu via charter helicopter to reach the holy site.

Best Time to Visit Muktinath Temple

Though people can visit the Muktinath Temple although the year but the best time to trip the place is Summer, i.e. from March to May and Autumn, i.e. from September to October since the place is situated in the Himalayan Region. It is better to evade months of June to August since it the time of Monsoon Season and during this time one can face extreme rainfall. If you are a winter loving person, you can visit during December and January to sight the beautiful snow-capped mountains. If touring during the spring season visitors can take pleasure in the amazing natural beauty and scenic backdrops of the place. During autumn months the attractive apple orchards all over the place will surely spellbind you with their beauty.

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