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Panchachuli Base Camp

Panchachuli Base Camp

The incredible destinations like the mountains and valleys have always fascinated me to a whole new extent. I crave to witness the grandeur of nature from the closest possible spot and this urge of mine has forced me to take up the idea of trekking seriously. Over the years I grew myself as a Trekker, eventually, I prepared myself to take on the tough and daring trails and each time I walked I looked forward to witnessing something incredible. This time it was the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek.

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

My journey to witness the mighty Panchachuli Peak was no short of wonders and I was overwhelmed to witness the extremely cherishing mountain vista. The trek was called the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek, and it rewarded me with a life-changing experience. The walk was quite hectic but the incredible and artistic setting of the trail kept me pushing harder and harder. The gushing Dhauliganga River was flowing endlessly, the distant snow-capped peaks were basking in their own glory, the alpine meadows were breathtaking, and the views of the Panchachuli Peak was truly exhilarating. My walk through the small villages also gave me a chance to have a deeper delve into the culture and lifestyle of the locals. The warmness of the villagers was such a joy to experience.

Well in this article, I will give you a brief about the journey and the destinations I covered in order to reach my ultimate Panchachuli Base Camp. A combined effort from my heart, soul, and body helped me in conquering the 13975 ft elevation and the each and every destination in the journey was highly alluring.

I started the journey with lots of enthusiasm and positive hopes and started from Delhi on a train journey to Kathgodam Station. It was not my night stop as I had to travel further to Dharchula through the beautiful road. This was a stupendous journey and took me through some really mesmerizing spots like Almora, Bhimtal, Ashkot, Sera-Gat, Chaukhori, Thal and finally to Dharchula. The Dharchula vIllage was perfectly placed with a highly enticing landscape and the snow-capped peaks looming in the background was one hell of a sight.

I woke up early to witness the morning in this quaint village and set out on my journey to Urthing. It was a break journey where I had to travel by the road to Dar and from there a walk to Urthing. The trail to Urthing was quite enjoyable and the narrowness of the trail and the cliff edge was adding to the thrill quite much. I was finally at Urthing village and was highly enjoying the scenery.

Over the next couple of days, I was busy walking to two other fascinating destinations, Naagling and Son respectively. Though my walk to Naagling was mainly through the high altitude alpine meadows before finally reaching the Naagling campsite I had to cross the thunderous Dhauliganga River which was quite an exciting one. The next day I was walking to the Darma Valley settlement of Son. It was a very scarcely populated destination but I was quite bewildered by the overall scenic landscape of the region. I retired early for the night as the following day I had to indulge in the toughest climb to the Panchahuli Base Camp.

The day was here and I was all geared up for the most thrilling walk of the journey to the Panchachuli Base Camp. The lush greenery and beauty of the Dantu Bugyals made up the first part of my journey. The forest cover followed the onward journey and I was at the Panchachuli Glacier gazing at the astounding sights. A steep ascent was awaiting to the Panchachuli Base Camp. The rich flora and fauna of the region complimented with astonishing sights of the Dantu Bugyals and the towering peaks create an enchanting picturesque panorama of the region. From the base camp, it was the totally jaw-dropping experience of the captivating Panchachuli Range. The campsite was set in the laps of the Panchachuli Peak and I found myself effortlessly staring at the grandeur of this enthralling peak.

While returning back I followed the same route and took the night stops at the same destinations but skipped staying the night in Son and walked directly to Naagling. I thoroughly enjoyed this thrilling journey and I would advise all the enthusiastic trekkers out there to give this trail an attempt and take home the incredible memories.