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Pangarchulla Peak

Have you ever looked at yourself and exclaimed how tired you are with the hustles and bustles of the city life? Have you ever come across the feeling to just pack a bag and run to a faraway land? When these feelings struck me, I did not waste any more time in planning an escape route to the mountains and that’s how I landed in the Pangarchulla Peak. Sitting at an elevation of 15000 ft, the Pangarchulla Peak is considered by many trekkers as the first step towards paradise. The height was quite astounding but my relentless soul knew no boundaries and walking through the dense forests and meadows for about 5 days led me to this incredible beauty of nature complimented with some mesmerizing snow-capped peaks looming in the background.

Pangarchulla Peak Blog

I vividly remember each day of the whole journey and as I began from Haridwar, the outstanding views of the surroundings and the excitement of the amazing journey ahead just prepared me for the journey spontaneously. I remember the first day’s journey from Haridwar to Auli through some of the really popular hot-spots. The confluence of the rivers in Rudraprayag was one of the most enticing sights in the drive. Travelling my way through the banks of Ganga and Alaknanda River, I finally arrived at the breathtaking and heavenly setting of the Auli Town, my first night stop.

The morning in Auli was remarkable and the artistic setting of the town in the laps of nature with distant snow-capped peaks in the backdrop was quite enthralling. I started the walk traversing through the Bugyals of Auli and was rewarded with some incredible views of the Kamet, Nanda Devi, and Hathi Parvat Ghori Parbat. The walk continues through the dense forests of Oaks and Maple and I found myself gazing at the awesomeness of nature in Tali. Another stretch of walking finally ended in Khulara Meadows where I decided to place my tent.

Waking up to the vivid mountainous landscapes of Khulara was an extremely cherishing moment. The destination on my checklist today was Kuari Pass at an altitude of 3650 m. The captivating views of some of the greatest peaks like Neelkantha, Hathi, Chaukhamba, Kedar, Draunagiri, and Mana was really an enchanting sight to savour. I started on a leisure walk to cross the lush green meadows of Khulara to arrive at Kuari Pass and kept on pushing further to finally reach the Pangarchulla Base Camp.

The day was finally knocking on the door when I was slated to conquer my way to the summit of the majestic Pangarchulla Peak. A stretch of three days walking was finally going to be rewarded with some exhilarating views from the Pangarchulla Peak and I was all geared up for that. Mountain slopes and ridges cover most part of the trail but the layer of snow over the path seemed like a tricky affair. The voice on my head constantly reminded me to approach with caution as these paths require great attention and physical ability. Along the way, I got to witness the grandeur of the mighty peaks like Nanda Devi and Trishul. As I finally fought my way to the top, it was a sight to behold. The beauty of the surrounding was beyond sanity and I was completely dumbstruck at the bewildering views. From there I started retracing my steps back to the Pangarchulla Base Camp. As I reached the base camp, I could not help but pat myself for the accomplishment of conquering this incredible summit. It was really an outstanding experience.

The journey I encountered while travelling back was filled with depression as the pain of bidding farewell to this extensively beautiful place is really unimaginable. Though I have decided not to restrict my wanderlust in the near future the experience of trekking to Pangarchulla Peak was really amazing.