Phyang to Hunder

Phyang to Hunder

The idea of travel has influenced me so much that now I have turned myself from an enthusiastic traveler to a persistent trekker. The trails, majestic peaks, thunderous landscapes and the raw beauty of Mother nature appeals to me so much that I have covered a number of beautiful trekking trails in the country. Today I will be sharing with you the Pukka experience of walking on the Phyang to Hunder trail and what I was rewarded at the end of the journey.

Phyang To Hunder Trek

This trek starts from the extremely beautiful Leh and dives straight into the inexhaustible beauty of raw nature. The trail is challenging and thrilling, the views are extremely captivating and the path is beautifully crafted to deliver any trekker within six days of a continuous adrenaline rush. It took me to an astounding elevation of 5150 m at Le Sermo and the final walk to Hunder or Nubra Valley was the most exciting part of the whole journey. Though the journey began with the brilliance of Leh, as I started going deeper into the days and as I reached the Nubra Valley, I was truly enthralled by the artistic setting of the region. The incredible vast alluvial plains complemented with the exhilarating views of the Shayok River and the camels were bewildering.

Though this is quite an enticing trail to walk on, not many have attempted this journey and hence the raw magnificence of nature in here is still unaltered by any human fabrication. I also got the chance to witness the grandeur of the famous Karakoram Range and it was truly a sight to savor. Through the exciting places when I finally headed to the last destination, the journey got more exciting and sumptuous. The jeep ride in the highest motorable road at an elevation of 5602m was beyond anything I could have imagined.

Throughout my journey I was totally thrilled with the exciting locations and settings of the destinations and starting from the very first day in Leh, I was blessed with some amazing scenes and experiences. In Leh, I spent a night and explored the barren paradise at it’s very best. I visited the famous spots like the beautiful Hemis Monastery, Shanti Stupa, Leh Palace and the incredible Thiksey Monastery.

From Leh, I started with the trek towards Phyang Camp and was instantaneously impressed with the incredible trail. Through the enchanting high alpine meadows, as I reached the top of the Le Sermo La, I was totally dumbfounded by the surrounding views. The panoramic extravaganza of the surrounding region was brilliant. It was an enjoyable walk from there to the Phyang Camp.

Le Sermo High Camp was my next stop and the intensity of the beauty of the places was above par. As I set out to cross the pass, I was rewarded with compelling views of the Stok Range and Karakoram Range. It was truly wonderful. After spending a quaint night in the high camp, I set out for the next stop at Drok Yorma. The walk was quite easy but the views were incomparable. The rich flora and fauna of the region comprised for the most part of the walk. The night in here was quite mesmerizing.

I had one more place to reach before traveling to the final destination and I started early for the walk to Hunder Drok. An enjoyable walk it was and without any trouble, I reached the Hunder Drok and was thoroughly enjoying the marvelous setting of the place. The raw beauty of nature in here, the greenery, the lush meadows were unmatched.

The final day of the journey took me to the most incredible and magnificent destination, Hunder. The dense forests and the steep slopes added a new thrill to the walk. As I walked further I reached the extreme end of the valley and was totally bewildered at the sight of the ancient forts and the incredible structures. I was effortlessly gazing at the impeccable beauty of the snowy Karakoram Range at the distance. Nature’s Vista in here was extremely commanding and even I got to see the old Silk Oasis below the valley.

It was quite tough to end the Phyang to Hunder journey, but as all good things come to an end the journey also concluded in here. By the time I was back in the home, the beautiful memories of the journey were calling out to me. Travel this route if you wish to sink in the admissible beauty of nature.