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Over the years my internet searches have been more inclined to travel destinations and this habit of me eventually made me an enthusiastic traveler. Trekking has been an integral part of my life and now that I have tasted this drug, the addiction is undying. Thunderous trekking destinations excite me from within and today I will share one of my favorite trails, the Pin Bhaba Pass Trek journey.

The month of September is undoubtedly the finest month for a trekking expedition, and if the destination is as alluring as Pin Bhaba, then you are in store for a lot of surprises. The change in the season lets you enjoy the best fruits of nature and my journey to this incredible destination was no way short of amazement.

Pin Bhaba Pass is a dive into the raw excellence of Himalayas and it rewarded me with endless memories of mesmerizing sights and thrill. My journey began in Shimla, a busy tourist destination in the country owing to the breathtaking sights all around and since the beginning of the journey, each day was incredible.

Kafnu was my first destination from Shimla on a long road stretching over 200 km. It was a top-notch mountain road experience and the excitement of journeying in this road blessed with captivating views all around was incomparable. The road was quite threatening at times but all it did was add more thrill to the journey. After a long ride, I was there in the Kafnu village, my starting point of the trek.

Pin Bhaba Pass Trek

The first day of the walk started with trekking towards Mulling and eventually rising to 3000 ft. It was fun traversing on this trail, leaving behind the village and the hydro project sites I started approaching the dense pine forests. The walk in the forest was mesmerizing, a thick canopy of the pine trees was set as a blanket, the views through the openings were incredible and the colorful prayer flags at the top was calling me. The final steep ascent was tough, but I was totally dumbstruck to witness the vast greenery of the meadows. The campsite was on these green fields.

The next day was quite easy to Karah and it was more of a leisure walk through the scenic beauty of nature. I was quite famished to experience the Subterrain River Phenomenon, and once I reached the spot I was surprised to infinity. I could clearly hear the sound of the flowing river, but it was not visible from anywhere. As I reached the Karah Campsite, it was a sight to cherish. The undisturbed greenery of the area was appealing and I did explore as much as I could before retiring to the camp.

My prior planning suggested that today’s journey will be tough and boy it was. Though the walk lasted for around 4 km, the gain in altitude contributed hugely to the strain. The dynamic views of the landscape kept my spirits high and finally after a strong and powerful climb, I was there at the Phustirang Campsite. The views were quite astonishing, the snow-capped peaks posed as kings with the clouds working like a crown. The endless river plains and the vivid mountains were quite a delight. Undoubtedly the best campsite of the trek was Phustirang.

The longest and the toughest day was already here. A strenuous hike of 3,000 ft followed by a decent of another 3,000 ft can be anything but hectic. But I knew that my walk today will be rewarded with intensely amazing views. I started before the sun even woke up so that I can cover it at the earliest. As I walked to the first top, the sun was already coming out blessing me with enchanting views of the surrounding. The second top was another hour of walking, and as I reached the second top to catch some breath, the warmness of the sun was making the weather a bit comfortable. As I finally did my last climb to reach the top, a sense of accomplishment inflicted in my mind. It was truly a feeling to cherish. I was quite bewildered by the astounding views all around. the picturesque panorama of the surrounding was enthralling. After enjoying, I found myself already descending down on my way to conclude the journey.

I ended my walk by trekking to a new destination today, Mangruse followed by Mudh Village the next day. It was a fun-filled ride that I enjoyed to the fullest and recommend to every enthusiastic trekker out there.