Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake

I was fascinated by the idea of trekking quite early and since then nothing has been able to hold me back. I thrive for adventure and thrill all around the year and once I can mix and match my schedule, breaking the shackles to run off to a faraway land is no more a tough job. Over the eventful years of my life, I have stepped on some of the amazing trekking trails of the country and each time I was rewarded with an incomparable experience. Each time was fresh and different from the other and in the near future, I can see myself reaching a new benchmark.

Prashar Lake Trek

The Prashar Lake journey was one of the finest trekking expeditions and the and the most incredible part of the journey was Prashar Lake itself. An artistic setting with only white all around me, the lakes, temples, trees, paths all covered in thick sheets of snow was incredible. The bewildering sight of the Dhauladhar Range basking in glory with the moonlight was enchanting, and above all the frozen Prashar Lake was a truly savoring sight. Up from there, I was blessed with a picturesque panorama of Dhauladhar, Pirpanjal, and Kinnaur Range. Though the trek was not on the tough side, it was quite a fun experience to walk on the trail cutting through forests, small streams, and some scenic meadows.

I started off with my journey to Prashar Lake from the capital, Delhi and set out on a bus ride to Mandi. It was an overnight bus ride and I slept through most part of the journey. From Mandi, I had to travel to Baggi Village, which was the base camp of Prashar Lake. The distance was a bit less than 50 km and the quick interval of buses made my journey quite easy and enjoyable. Along the way I crossed the Kataula Village, reflecting the raw beauty of nature and the small scattered houses were of the same structure and built. Finally, I was in Baggi Village, and at the night I had a sound sleep cause the following day the walk was planned.

I woke up early to enjoy the captivating morning vista of the region and prepared myself for the 8 km journey ahead to Prashar Lake. I started the walk by crossing a stream to enter a forest valley. It was quite thrilling already as I walked further to encounter yet another mountain stream. Following the trail, I came across another stream that I had to cross to start the hike.

The hike was mostly through the jungle, it was quite adventurous and the first sight of the Dhauladhar Range from the opening in the forest was magnificent. The trail took me to another forest followed by a clearing covered in thick sheets of snow already. My excitement grew even more as I walked on the snow to cross a number of huts and guesthouses to finally get the first glimpses of the lake.

The Lake was postcard perfect resembling paradise. The whole area was covered in a thick blanket of snow, and it was looking astounding. The Dhauladhar Range at the distance was gleaming with full glow and was looking enthralling. I thoroughly enjoyed the extremely exhilarating setting of the region and in every way, it was picture perfect.

While returning down, I just had to retrace my steps back the same route which I did effortlessly. Though my Prashar Lake journey did not last very long, this 2 days journey rewarded me with endless memories and highly breathtaking sights that will be etched in my heart forever. It was a short and crisp journey, ideal for beginners who want to take home captivating memories from a journey.