Prepare for Manaslu Trek

Prepare for Manaslu Trek

Trekking adventures are fun filled rides through the superb brilliance of nature on a thrilling trail traversing through supreme locations. Now trekking expeditions are crafted in the most amazing ways to deliver the trekker a pukka experience. I have done quite a few trekking journeys in the eventful years of my life and each time I was blessed with a thunderous experience. The trails I have covered are mostly in the remote locations cutting away from the hustles and bustles of life and the destinations are often devoid of any human fabrications. In Nepal, I had an outstanding experience trekking the very famous and daring Manaslu Trek and I was extremely overwhelmed to be a part of this evergreen adventure.

The Manaslu Trekking trail starts from the beautiful Kathmandu and ends back in Kathmandu. Along trek of around 17 days passes through some of the most enticing locations of Nepal and even take the trekkers to an astounding Larkya La Pass. The trail has grown in popularity over the years as it gives the most astonishing and captivating views of the 8th tallest peak of the world, Mt. Manaslu. Now the journey was full of adventure and thrills but the trails are not very easy to walk on. It is very important that you carry the right gears and make the right preparation before attempting the trek. My experience of Manaslu Trek was simply bewildering and I would gladly help the enthusiastic trekkers prepare right for the journey.

Manaslu Trek is amongst 5th most sought after a trek on the Himalayas. Though trekking is not an easy task to achieve, as adventure travelling is full of surprises and you need to be ready for all what nature can bring you. The only thing which you can do here is to get geared up whenever you move for trekking. On the Manaslu trek one has to be really careful because of the reasons below:
•Scarcity of lodges & Eating Zones
•Biting Cold
•Money Exchange Problems
•The Damaged Valley
•Dense Forests

Because of the above challenges, one needs to be really careful while packing for the Manaslu Trek. As we are going on a trek, we need to be careful enough to pack light with the inclusion of all what we can need on the trek. Here is the list of all what will you require preparing for a trek to Manaslu

A Trekking bag

Trekking bags come in different ranges and capabilities. An ideal trekking bag should be of a capacity of (60-80) litres. This is the ideal capacity, as in case if you travel some additional stuff on the way bag, you may not require an additional bag. In the bag, you can carry some hiking pants, some trekking socks.

Winter Wear

Since you will be on the trek, you cannot be sure about the weather conditions. Pack a thermal track suit for the biting cold nights as well as a down jacket, which can bring you relief from cold. A Scarf serves a dual purpose, It protects you from direct sun waves; secondly at night you can tie it around your head can get relief from the cold. A good quality glove should always be on the list, as you can require it on the days and nights when you really find hard to get hold of the stick.

Couple of Windcheaters

Windcheaters are a life-saving prerequisite, when you are on a trek, as it saves you from the wind as well as the cold. If you are smart and had invested in a warm windcheater, then it may also serve the purpose of a jacket that too weighing lower than your usual jacket.

Sleeping bag

Since Manaslu, is definitely not going to be a friendly experience and you may need to rest at the far best flat possible trek, a sleeping bag is what can turn a bed of relief for you and make you sleep. Though going for a bag which can protect you even from a -10-degree temperature should be your target.

A nice pair of Shoes

Quality shoes preferably the one with waterproof capability is what we require on a trek. Best quality A pair of Crocs shoes is the second requisite, as the quality of crocs is fine refined material, hence it comes handy while on trek and even is light weight for the tough routes while on a trek.

A basic first aid kit

This first basic kit should have some antiseptic cream, burnol, some cough and cold medicine as well as scissors and sticky bandages to heal cuts. If you can manage pack some warm bandage (possibly two) for the days when you feel too tired.
A Pair of sunglasses and some soothing eye drops should be there with you for those days when persistent irritation due to the dust etc can be a hassle on the journey. Apart from the above, you should make sure in a waist bag you are carrying your important documents such as passport, visa, and other required things so that you can produce as and when required without disarrangement of your well-packed trekking bag.