Rafting in Nepal

Reasons why you should go for Rafting in Nepal

Reasons why you should go for Rafting in Nepal

Nepal, one of the most mesmerizing countries in the world, is the pure bliss for travelers. Starting from mountains to the hills, plains to landscapes, glaciers to the river, all are in harmony to give you one of its kinds of traveling experience. Rafting is one such activity that is loved by many. Rafting is like the best way to spice up your life and get an extra dose of excitement and thrill.

Here are our most tempting reasons to do rafting in Nepal:

1. It will spice up your life

While back at home, we all lead a mundane lifestyle which no excitement. We actually become robots which work as per set of instruction. To make you feel like a human once again, you should come to Nepal and do rafting. The bouncy water waves, beautiful scenery, and magnificent landscapes are more than enough to let you feel alive.

2. Amazing wildlife and natural scenery

Nature is the best healer and we all know it. No other place has such healing and mesmerizing nature like Nepal has. A single glimpse of world’s most picturesque landscapes, rice field, snow-covered peaks, and rich wildlife is totally mesmerizing. Nepal is not the land of mountains, but it houses some of the world’s most rare species of animal. Red Panda is amongst them. While your raft, you pass through the amazing gorges and mountains. The captivation backdrop of snow-covered mountains makes your rafting experience more mesmerizing.

3. The sandy beaches and wild camping

The takeaways of rafting in Nepal are not over yet. The sandy beaches spread all along the shores of the river are the perfect picnic spot. Take a breather after hour’s long thrilling experience of rafting and have a campfire in the evening. What could be a better way to relax? The evening down here is pretty quiet and quaint that will let you listen the natures sound. The waves are more beautiful when the milky light of the moon glitters them. People often do wild camping here during the nights. The food cooked over campfire taste more than a dish that you eat in the five-star hotel.

4. The jovial natives

One of the major reasons why people chose Nepal for their holiday destination is its jovial natives. The people of Nepal are highly friendly and take pleasure while helping you out. Their extra-friendliness gives you a home like feeling and let you enjoy your excursion in with extra delight.

5. The crystal water

The rivers of Nepal are so clear and clean that you can actually see through it. They are running all the ways from the sky-high mountains and carries unmatched beauty along with them. The water is like silver spreading all over. A splash of such pure water will fill you with freshness. While the rest of the world is struggling hard with polluted surroundings, such pristine rivers are a thing of rarity. Rafting in those sparkling and unpolluted rivers is a true delight.

6. A full bunch of adventure

The fun and adventure are not limited to rafting only. If you have some extra time, go for Everest Base Camp Trek, one of the most exhilarating activities, and breathe life into once again. The trekking experience in the world’s highest peak is beyond elucidation. In addition, it is a chance to intensify the adventure and fun on your trip. Well, we want to make most of out everything.

7. The pleasant evenings

The evening on the back of the river is the best way to relax and refuel your tired self. Just lying down on the cool sand and relish over some sumptuous snacks. Extended you stay at watch the night sky which is full of stars.