Roopkund is considered as one of the most heavenly places to be in, with a fairy tale artistic setting and highly admirable views all around. The place is a mesmerizing experience and once I decided to explore this incredible destination, there was no looking back. One of the very fine high altitude trekking options, Roopkund offers the trekkers with all the luxuries of a dense forest, snow-capped peaks, thrilling terrains cutting through the storm and snowfall. The Frozen Lake is a sight that I have cherished for a long time.

Roopkund Trek.jpg

The offset to this highly anticipated journey began with my arrival at Lohajung and from there the ride through the captivating scenes of nature’s extravaganza took me to Wan. The roads were quite bumpy and it was quite a hectic journey all together as from Wan I moved forward in a climb to Ghaeroli Patal. The hike mainly traversed through the dense forests of Oak and Rhododendrons and offered some really blissful scenes of the surroundings.

The first day’s journey concluded with a soothing sleep at the night as a great deal of excitement was due the next day. Waking up to this incredible beauty of nature was one of the finest experiences of my life, and I decided to waste no time and start the day’s journey. The day began on a well-marked trail that left the forest behind and entered the vast and wide meadows or Bugyals. The splendour of the Ali Bugyal and Bedini Bugyal left me in complete awe. The beauty of the vast clear sky over the Bedini Bugyal gave me an astonishing Stargazing experience.

The following day I was supposed to indulge in another remarkable trekking to Pathar Nachauni. Though after a couple of days my body was quite tired and tolled, the third day seemed like an easy affair. The rising altitude posed no threat as my body seemed to acclimatize well and support well. As I walked on the well-marked trail, the sights of the campsite from miles out looked quite fascinating. The Pathar Nauchani’s campsite is well known for the unpredictable rough weathers and not to my surprise even I was caught in a stormy rage of nature. The panoramic brilliance around looked really captivating.

Three exciting days have passed in this fascinating area and on the fourth day, I decided to start my journey at the earliest. The trail that I planned to conquer today ran out of the campsite and eluded beyond the grandeur of the snow-capped Kalu-Vinayak. The terrain transformed from lush green to rocky as I kept on walking and hiking forward. Through the adventurous path, I finally reached the Kalu Vinayak Temple. There was a touch of magnificence in that extremely beautiful temple that will be etched in my heart for a long long time. From there I followed the trail descending down to my campsite, Bhagwabasa at an elevation of 14500 ft. The whiteness of the snow carpet engulfed the whole ground in the region. The rest of the day I dedicated to training for the following day’s summit climb.

The day finally came involving the most thrilling summit climb of my life. I left the tent at around 4 am when the sky was still dark and a head torch showed me the path. After a hectic 4 hours of climb through numerous ascends I was finally standing on the summit gauging at the bewildering views of the surrounding. The child in me suddenly seemed to have come to life and the exhilarating views of the frozen Roopkund Lake were wonderful. The return journey began at around 9 am to avoid the threat of the melting snow.

The trek ended as I finally retraced my steps back to Bhagwabasa and followed the trail in the same way back to Lohajung. Roopkund Trek has provided me with a breathtaking experience. It was one thrilling journey that did tax my body but rewarded me with views that I will savour for a really long time. If the situations permit, Roopkund will be there on my bucket list yet again.