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Rumtse to TsoMoriri Lake

Rumtse to TsoMoriri Lake

I did visit some really amazing locations in the country but my thirst for adventure was not quite satisfied. I kept on going through the incredible trekking trails and when I stumbled upon the Rumtse to TsoMoriri Lake trail, I was highly fascinated by the reviews and the locations. I always had the urge to visit Leh Ladakh and this trail was perfectly crafted for me. I knew I had to face a lot of challenges along the way as other trekkers suggested the trek can be quite tricky and extremely tiring at many points. I was up for the challenge as the journey was supposed to take me to an astounding elevation of 5000m and reward me with delightful and bewildering views of the famous TsoMoriri Lake.

The Rumtse to TsoMoriri Lake trail traverses through some really daunting Passes and also hosts a number of threats along the way. My trekking friends who already visited this amazing place exclaimed that this journey allows the traveler to witness some really incredible animal and bird species and above all, the stellar views of the TsoMoriri Lake are beyond any expectations.

I was quite excited about the journey and as I arrived in Leh for further traveling, I was already overjoyed by the beauty of this place. Leh is a traveler’s paradise, the overall setting of place, incredible and alluring views all around and the supreme locations live up to the huge stature given to Leh. I visited the famed Shanti Stupa in Leh, and I was extremely overwhelmed with the beauty of the place. The Leh Palace and the Hall of Fame in Leh were equally commanding places to visit.

The Rumtse Village was not far away from Leh and that was the starting point of the trek. A 76 km drive on the Manali-Leh Highway through the compelling Rohtang Pass and stops at Thiksey Monastery and Hemis Monastery finally took me to the beautiful Rumtse Village. It was a really nice village and beautiful in every way.

The trek journey began with Kyamar as my first stop from Rumtse Village. The trail was quite thrilling and along the way, I was surprised by the surrounding views. The path kept on narrowing and widening till I reach the Kyamar Campsite sitting next to the traditional huts of the nomadic tribes. It was looking gorgeous.

A long and hectic journey was waiting as I started my walk to Tisaling. A long gradual ascent took me to the Kyamar La at 4870 m and the walk was very enjoyable. The colorful wildflowers of the region kept my spirits high for the most part of the walk. From Kyamar La, I had to walk on another long and confusing ascending trail to Mandalchan La at 4996 m. Though the walk was quite strenuous, I was totally enthralled to witness the surrounding views from the top of the pass. Finally, a walk from there led me to the beautiful Tisaling Valley.

Pangunagu was the next stop that I walked through a stop at the captivating Shinbuk La followed by Tso Lake. It was quite a hectic walk to the top of the pass and from there I started walking towards Pangunagu and witnessed some wild asses called the Kyangs along the way.

I knew the trail was supposed to reward me with some raw and striking brilliance of nature and my walk over the next 3 days never failed to surprise me with some enchanting views. Through Nuruchan the next day, I began my walk towards Rachungkaru. This trail also took me to another pass called the HorlamKongka La which was a mesmerizing destination. Ghyama Loma was my next destination before the final day and along the walk, to Ghyama Loma I visited a couple of other passes, the Kyamar La and Ghyama La. Both these passes reflected upon the beauty of the place and the picturesque panorama from the top of the passes was startling.

My final day’s walk took me to the compelling TsoMoriri Lake. The enticing journey traversed through the magnificence of nature and took me to the top of the Korzok Pass. The views of the enchanting lake from the top of the pass was stupendous which I thoroughly enjoyed before setting on the final walk to the campsite by the Lake. The TsoMoriri Lake was basking in its own glory when I reached there, and the 9 days of extremely tiring walk finally rewarded me with the most admiring and astonishing views of the lake.

I traveled back to Leh the next day and finally concluded this journey. Rumtse to TsoMoriri Lake was one of the finest trekking experiences of my life and I was totally satisfied in all possible ways.