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Rupin Pass

There is something about the virgin Himalayas that brings me back to this incredible place over and over again. The hardest part of this journey was the journey back home, leaving the serene beauty behind to fit in the chaotic puzzles of life. The Rupin Pass trek has offered me an abundance of joy in small packages, from the gushing Rupin River to the cascading waterfalls complemented by the dense jungles and above all the majestic Himalayas standing tall.

Rupin Pass Trek

The Rupin Pass Trek is considered as one of the most difficult treks of the country. The sturdy elevation of 15350 ft on foot seemed like an impossible affair at first, but as my days proceeded the child in me woke up and I was all ready to conquer the mighty Himalayas. The checklist was ready for the week-long touring and the first destination I was travelling to was Dhaula from the beautiful hamlet, Mussorie. The diversity in the scenery, the beautiful Yamuna River, and the tall pine forests charged me up for the exciting journey. The campsite was adjacent to the mesmerizing Rupin River.

The night in this quaint valley was incomparable and the sound sleep I had seemed to have avoided me in the recent past. The next stop on my list was Sewa and the trail promised to deliver an unmatched trekking experience. The first climb on the trail was quite a hectic one and as I managed to fight my way to the top, there was a sense of accomplishment and I found myself smiling. The walk further ahead was outstanding, the incredible view, the echoes of the Rupin River flowing below, and the sight of the unforgiving mountains packed the right punch of adrenaline rush. I walked further, cutting through this beautiful sights to finally reach the Sewa Village. My body was tired, I was having a back pain but it was all worth it.

I woke up before the sun rays glimmered on the Himalayas and the view of the sun peeking out behind these majestic structures of nature was exhilarating. The walk resumed towards Jiskun on the same trail. the pebble bed of the Rupin River was the first milestone in the walk today. Few hours into the journey, I crossed the bridge that separates Himachal Pradesh from Uttarakhand and kept on walking on the hectic trail to be finally on a flat terrain. A sigh of relief escaped my lips, but the journey was not over as I walked further on the lush green meadows to finally reach the Homestay at Jiskun.

Waking up to the snowfall was a pristine experience that filled my heart with an abundance of joy. I decided to start off the day early as I will be walking to the much anticipated and beautiful Suruwas Thatch. As I began walking on the trail, the striking brilliance of nature all around me made me incredibly happy. The hanging Jhaka Village arrived after a couple of hours. A bit more of walking on this amazing trail finally led me to the campsite of the Suruwas Thatch.

The next morning was extremely cold owing to the heavy snowfall and waking up at 5 am in this atmosphere was quite a taxing affair. The trail ahead was quite hectic due to the thinning of the air and the cold winds. Fighting the odds I finally arrived at the Lower Waterfall Camp or the Dhanderas Thatch, my astonishing campsite for the night.

The toughest 1000 m of the entire journey, the hike to the upper waterfall camp of Rati Pheri gave me the more of the of thrill and adventure I can ask for. The steep right angle climb was waiting for me, it was impossible to conquer and I just kept on climbing up and up fighting the pain and strain. Finally, the grandeur of the basin unfolded before me and it was more than anything I can ask for. It was in a single word, ‘Bewildering’. This was the very last night before Rupin Pass.

Thick sheets of snow, brown rocks and a final climb led me to the breathtaking Rupin Pass. The walk was quite tricky but as I finally arrived at the top, it was ecstatic. The astounding 360-degree views of the surrounding Himalayas looked like a doppelganger of the heaven. The beauty was unmatched and every single frame of the entire region seemed like an eternity.

On the way back, I traversed on the same route back to Mussorie. The Rupin Pass is undoubtedly one of the toughest treks to attempt but the joy of accomplishment you will be greeted with is beyond your imagination.