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Saboo to Khaltsar Trek

Saboo to Khaltsar

Traveling and trekking is a fun-filled adventure that can serve the humanity in the best ways. My trekking adventures have been so fun and exciting that I spend most of my non-trekking days in the memories of the majestic mountains I have been to. Every time I have been on a trek, Mother Nature has rewarded me with an unaltered beauty that is truly incomparable to any structure brought up by a human. Over the course of my trekking days, I have realized that a walk through the raw form of nature is the most enticing way to get intoxicated by the grandeur of nature.

Saboo to Khaltsar Trek

While I have been to many famous trekking destinations and attempted various trekking trails, I still consider Leh to be a supreme trekking region and most of the trails that originate from Leh are filled with unexplored and unspoiled regions that still boasts the beauty without any human fabrication. I always had this urge to walk and explore an offbeat trekking route and get surprised by the trail and this forced me to walk on the Saboo to Khaltsar Trek. The beauty of the trek lies in the thrilling trail and the sumptuous destinations. Starting with the inexhaustible beauty of Leh, to the Saboo Village, the grandeur of the Digar La Pass, and the bewitching sight of the Saser Kangri, Stok Kangri, and Karakoram Ranges, each spot in the journey was truly remarkable.

Leh is well known among the travelers to offer the raw brilliance of nature at its prime best. As I reached Leh, the rugged and dusty landscape fascinated me to a whole new level. I spent an entire day exploring all I could. From the marketplaces to the streets, each turn in Leh shouts out beauty. I also visited the famous monasteries and palaces like the Thiksey Monastery, Leh Palace, Shey Palace, and the Stok Museum.

After my time in Leh I started off with my journey and the first stop was the small Saboo Village. I knew the trek would only last a 5 days so I had to make the most of these 5 days. After the enjoying walk to Saboo Village, I walked further and decided to stop at the Digar La Base Camp. Through Saboo Phu, a grazing field of the Saboo Villagers, I was finally at the base camp of the Digar La for my first night. The beauty of the place was unmatched.

Now Digar La was the pass that connects Nubra Valley and Indus Valley and today I was all set to explore this astounding pass. I started with my walk towards the Digar La and I was instantaneously bewildered by the setting of the trail. A steep climb finally led me to the top of the pass from where I was gazing at the incredible panoramic brilliance. The sights of the Saser Kangri and Stok Kangri were breathtaking and in every way picturesque. After enjoying the magnificence of the place I started walking towards the campsite, Chumik Yokma that walked through some beautiful meadows and captivating landscapes.

Digar La was a fascinating place but today I was gearing up for a descending walk to the Digar Village. 5 hours of enjoyable walk traversing through the outstanding scenes and landscapes finally brought me to the charming Digar Village, which was my night stop.

Only a couple of days were left on the tour and I had to enjoy the walk till it lasts. I started my journey which was of around 15 km to the Rongjok and the trail was literally awesome. The path ran above the Shayok River Valley and the sights of the beautiful river were extremely alluring. I had a fun night in Rongjok.

The final day of the walk was towards my last destination, Khaltsar. It was a descending walk of about 15 km and took not more than 5 hours and what a brilliant sight I enjoyed all throughout my walk. The path was beautifully lined on the Shayok River Valley and the setting of the place was truly enchanting. The Khaltsar Village was very pretty and an ideal place to conclude the journey.

Though my journey to Saboo to Khaltsar did not have many thrilling trails and mountains, did not constitute of ascending to high passes or crossing a gushing river, but the trail is perfectly blended with the artistic magnificence of nature and stupendous trekking locations. It was a cherishing journey for me.


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