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Hemis National Park

Hemis National Park

Traveling has benefited me in several ways and each time I have been to a new destination, I was totally overwhelmed by the outstanding beauty of the place. My trekking expeditions on some of the most amazing trails in the country have let me enjoy the best of nature in all dimensions. From experiencing the striking brilliance of nature in its true and raw form to walking on the thrilling trails, my trekking routes have never failed to amaze me in any aspect. The Hemis National Paek had to be one of them. 

Hemis National Park Blog
Snow Leopard in Hemis National Park

My journey to the Hemis National Park, in search of a Snow Leopard, the ghost cat was equally enthralling. The trail was perfectly crafted to deliver the best sights of mother earth and the also a huge opportunity to witness some amazing animals and supreme landscapes. It was pukka of an experience that started from Leh through the Hemis National Park and finally concluded back in Leh.

I was extremely excited about my journey even before it began and once I arrived in Leh, I just couldn’t hold on to my emotions. Leh was marvelous in every sense, the sight of the rugged peaks was extremely alluring and so I decided to spend a couple of days on exploring Leh before going to Hemis National Park.

By the end of the first day only, I realized my decision to stay in Leh for a couple of days was the right decision. In Leh, I visited the famous and extremely beautiful, Shanti Stupa. The artistic setting of this stupa and the sight of the enchanting peaks in the background was a treat to the eyes. In these two days, I explored Leh as much as I could and visited the most famous palaces and monasteries in the region. Starting with Leh Palace, Hall of Fame, and Shey Palace, my exploration took me to the mesmerizing Hemis Monastery. It was really beautiful and from Hemis Monastery, I traveled further to visit the Thiksey Monastery and finally the Stok Palace Museum. Next day my walk was scheduled to begin, so I retired early for the night.

With great anticipation and high hopes as I began with the walk towards Rumbak, I was already cherishing the surroundings of the region. The first part of the journey took me to Zingchen and rewarded me with some highly enticing views of the surrounding landscapes, the trail was thrilling and the sights were captivating. The rich flora and fauna of the Rumbak Valley were delighting me as I walked further to reach the campsite.

The day was here I was eagerly waiting for, my walk to the Hemis National Park and a hope to sight the breathtaking Snow Leopard. I spent a total of 7 days in the park so that I could take back some really compelling memories. In these seven days, I witnessed some really fascinating animals like Argali and the Blue Sheep. I even got a glimpse of a Tibetan Wolf. The beautiful migratory birds were a perching here and there and it was highly savoring sight.

On my 5th day in the park, some locals suggested me to walk down to the lower parts of the park as the snow leopard often wanders that place in search of water. As I started traversing the path, I suddenly got the glimpse of the ghost cat, perched on a rock all by himself. It was a startling sight and I kept on staring at the beauty effortlessly. I was totally overwhelmed as sighting a snow leopard can be really tough and I did get a chance to witness the bewildering creature. The incredible setting of the park was quite enchanting as well and did give me a chance to be close to Mother Nature.

My journey back to Leh was quite incredible as well, I visited the famous Rumbak Village and spent a night there and through Zingchen I was back in Leh. It was a fine journey in the raw magnificence of nature and above all, I was totally blessed to have witnessed one of the rarest and most commanding animals on earth, the Snow Leopard.