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Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley

India is blessed with some really fascinating and thrilling trekking trails and if you are an enthusiastic trekker like me, you will never be short of options. Highly diverse trails can be found in many places in the country, and among this Spiti Valley stands out quite strong. One of the most daring destination, barren lands, extremely enticing landscapes, and some really amazing locations, Spiti Valley is undoubtedly one of the very finest destinations in the country. In this article, I will tell how my journey to Spiti Valley was truly memorable and how I enjoyed each day by staying in the warm hospitality of the homestays.

Spiti Valley Homestay Trek

Spiti is blessed with the inexhaustible raw beauty of nature, it has all, from beautiful and old monasteries to an extensive barren landscape, the sight of the Himalayas looming the background were enchanting and some of the highest villages of the world. My journey began with my arrival in Kaza Village and from there I enjoyed a drive to Kibber village. It was just the first day of the journey, and I was already rewarded with some enthralling beauty of surroundings. On my way to Kibber Village, I visited the one thousand years old, Key Monastery and it was truly a heartwarming experience. Key Monastery is incredibly crafted on the inside, and on the outside the setting was exotic. The turquoise blue Spiti river basking in its own glory and the snow-capped peaks in the distance were looking fascinating. My visit to Kibber, one of the highest villages in the world was quite enjoyable and on my final drive, I reached the Langza Village. The Lang Temple was a prominent visit in Langza and my night in the Langza Homestay was a cherishing experience.

As I began my walk through the vivid landscape and the thrilling trail, I was quite bewildered to amaze at the surrounding. On my arrival in Komik Village, I was quite amazed to know that Komik is the highest inhabited village in the world. I was also fascinated with a visit to the Hikkim Post Office and once I reached Komik Village, I did explore the region to the fullest. Before retiring for the night in the Komik Homestay, I paid a visit to the Komik Monastery was quite an experience.

I already spent a couple of days in this enthralling place, and today I was supposed to trek to Demul. As I walked, I was truly fascinated by the grandeur of the ChemaiLapcha Pass in the distance. The change in the landscape from the rugged barrenness to a lush green meadow was mesmerizing. I was finally at Demul Village, where I spent a time interacting with the locals and enjoying a serene night in the Demul Homestay.

The trek was nearing the end and today I was trekking to Lalung. It was a leisure walk and the trail steeply descended to the Lingti valley. From there, an enjoyable walk took me to the lap of the Tangmar Mountains, Lalung. On interactions with the locals, I was quite bewildered to know their beliefs in the Tangmarmountains and how these mountains have been the dwell of Gods for long. The LalungGompa was the oldest Gompa in Spiti and it was quite remarkable. I spent the night indulging in conversations with the locals in the Lalung Homestay and was astounded to hear their intriguing stories and beliefs.

The final day of the journey was scheduled for exploration of the Dhankar Village and from there a drive back to Kaza Village. The artistic setting of the village of the Spiti and Pin River flowing below was bewildering. The surrounding region was completely picturesque and rewarded me with an endless view of the entirety of the Spiti Valley. I also visited the very old monastery here and was extremely famished by the location of the monastery. The journey finally came to a halt as I reached back in Kaza Village.

Spiti Valley is an extremely beautiful place. I had an astonishing time exploring the region and to date, my journey to Spiti was one of the finest experiences.