Talle Valley

Talle Valley

The world is a truly wonderful place to be in and each and every corner of the globe has something new to cater to the people. While there are magnificent structures built by aspiring people, luxurious hotels, and grand tourist destinations, some people get the affection out of the natural wonders. I fall in that breed who admires the naked form of mother nature and I crave for really incredible natural wonders like mountains, valleys, and rivers.

My thirst for exploring the sumptuous places kept on growing and once I realized that I can quench my thirst through trekking to these places, I just could not hold myself back. I have traveled a lot, trekked many thunderous trails, and got rewarded with highly astounding sights. Each time it came with a new surprise and when I walked on the trail leading to Talle Valley, it was something highly fascinating.

Talle Valley Trek

The journey began from ZiroValley, also the abode of the ancient Apatani Tribe and this place gave me a deeper insight into the cultural and traditional practices of these people. I was quite famished by their annual cultural festival and the amount of crowd I witnessed was remarkable. Mostly were music lovers from around the world.

The route was quite well defined and traversed through three fascinating valleys of the region, Ziro Valley, Pange Valley, and Talle Valley. The surrounding mountains I witnessed on the trail were truly enchanting and it was a great thrill to walk along the Talle River and Pange River.

My expedition in this admissible region began with a tiring train ride to Guwahati and from there another enjoyable train journey to Naharlagun Station. The first stop was Ziro which was around 130 km away but the journey on the beautiful road was joyous. Ziro is a very beautiful place to be in and is quite admirable as well.

The next day I was all set to begin my journey out of the small village called Mani Polyang and walk to Pange Valley. It was quite a walk in the park experience and lasted only for 5 hours. The path traversed through the savoring sights of the Talle Valley Forest Sanctuary and I constantly could hear the Pange River below. The rich flora and fauna of the region were quite a sight to enjoy and I was extremely overwhelmed to witness the enchanting exotic birds in here. The artistic setting of the campsite complemented by the serene ambiance was totally bewildering.

Talle Valley, the primary destination of the journey was my next stop and I woke up at the earliest to feel the early rays of the sun in this extremely wonderful region. The walk began out of the campsite and continued through gradual ascents to reach the highest point at 9000 ft. The sights of the distant Nipapema Range of Bhutan was enthralling and I highly enjoyed the picturesque beauty of the region. The Talle Valley campsite was another couple of hours walk down to 8100 ft and once I reached there I could not stop myself from gazing at the astonishing panorama of the region. My night was quite enjoyable.

My primary destination was covered and now I had to walk towards the end of the journey. My 4th day’s walk was to the Pange Valley River Camp and it was a fun ride walking long the Talle River. I witnessed the beautiful setting of place more closely from Tragopan Point.

The next day walk was to Hong Village, which had an uncanny resemblance to the European Villages. The village is populated with the Apatani Tribal and gave me a deeper delve into their lifestyle and cultures. I finally concluded my journey after walking back to Ziro and from there to my hometown.

This trekking expedition has offered me an unrealistic way to be close to mother nature and admire the captivating sights. Though very easy on the feet, it did reward me with unmatched thrill and adventure and I thoroughly enjoyed this joyride.