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Tarsar Marsar

Tarsar Marsar!! There is something about nature’s extravaganza that has always appealed to me. The finest of experiences in my life has come from my travel expeditions and to take this expedition a step further, I decided to explore what is known as the ‘Heaven on Earth’, Kashmir. Kashmir needs no introduction, we all know how beautiful and mesmerizing it is and when I decided to trek the Tarsar Marsar, I was overwhelmed with the results.


Crafted out of a fairy-tale, the trek in the incredible valleys of Kashmir was scenic and filled with some really awe-inspiring views. Late in the months of June, I was all geared up to start off with my journey. I knew it would be a hectic journey as I had some issues with my train tickets but ignoring all I commenced with the journey. The trekking route started from Aru, near Pahalgaon and it was a paradise. The picturesque beauty of the surroundings reminded me of the marvellous locations I saw in the Bollywood movies.

Though the tiredness from the train journey was persistent in my body I knew I had to fight it to reach my destination. Train journey to Jammu followed by a hectic drive to Anantnag finally ended at the first night and all I could do for the night was resting in peace.

The following day was scheduled to take me to Aru and I prepared to tackle through the rush of tourists and get to the amazing place at the earliest. A couple of hours drive to Pahalgaon was quite frustrating but a smooth and beautiful journey followed from there to Aru. The roads were escaping the busy streets and entering the mountains. It was quite refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed the vivid landscapes to finally get to Aru.

The day arrived and I was all ready, to begin with, the walkthrough incredible landscapes of Kashmir. The first campsite on my checklist was Sekwas and it was highly enjoyable. Traversing through the pine forests on an ascending trail for a couple of hours gave me a chance to witness the beautiful landscapes through the openings in the forests. The scenes were energizing me from inside and I did not want it to stop. The charm of the walk followed as I kept on walking on the trail to the silver waters of the Lidder River. An extremely enjoyable walk followed through the lush green openings leaving the forests behind to finally get to Sekwas. I got to witness shepherd’s huts, grazing cattle, and really enthralling raw beauty of nature.

It was revitalizing waking up to the fresh ambience of the region. My day was set to explore the Tarsar and walk up to Sonemasti. Snow covered trail unfolded before my eyes and I was all ready to take up the challenge. The walk lasted for about two hours but it was quite tiresome to get to the enchanting Tarsar Lake. The lake looked astonishing and quite different from other high altitude lakes in the region. I spent some time gazing at the beauty of the lake before resuming on the walk to Sonemasti. Resuming on the walk I saw some really incredible views and the Sonemasti Valley was all covered with thick sheets of snow. The 4 hours walk concluded as I reached Sonemasti and retired to the camp for the night.

The 4th and final day of the journey was here and all I had to do was descend down to Sumbal. Though a decent, the trail had many tricky parts and thrilling streams to cross. Hopping on the wood logs and boulders I finally found my way to Sumbal. A lot of shepherd’s and locals were wandering here and there in Sumbal. My thrilling journey finally concluded in Sumbal.

The early snows and rough weather restricted me from exploring the Marsar Lake but whatever I got to witness in the journey was astounding. The vast green meadows, the gushing streams, dense forests all combined to deliver me a bewildering experience that will be there in my heart for a very long time.


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