Top ten Nepal Trekking Tips – Experts’ Special

Top ten Nepal Trekking Tips – Experts’ Special

Are you ready to go trekking in Nepal?

Read our experts’ tips before leaving your place. [You won’t regret, we bet.]

Trekking is one of the most famed activities that tourists love to do in the solitary and splendid mountains of Nepal. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. The erratic weather, the high mountains, solitary surroundings, and cut-off from rest of the world are the dominant factors, which put a strong emphasis on through preparations in advance. While you can just book the tickets and fly to your destination for your vacation in the best part of the world, this is not the case with Nepal. It demands your attention to some factors before bidding goodbye to your hometown.

We know that the very thought to trek through the majestic mountains thrills you to the core as it did to us. A little preparation beforehand makes it more pleasurable and delightful.
Here is our experts’ tip to have a pleasant and memorable trekking experience in Nepal:

1. Pay attention to your health at first

Before booking the tickets to Nepal, book an appointment with the doctor to have a regular check-up done. As trekking demands more of vigor and physical strength, you need to check your vitals before coming to Nepal.

2. Educate yourself about altitude

Nepal is full of mountains that provide us with various trekking options. You should do a little research about the altitude of the mountains and pick as per your capability.

3. Take the right help of professionals

A professional help over alien land is always welcomed. No matter how much research you do, you are not going to surpass the knowledge that professional tour and travel service providers like We Ramblers have. Take its assistance to plan your travel. They will place your entire trekking trip within your means.

4. Check for symptoms of AMS – Acute Mountain Sickness

AMS is the common problem that many first-time trekkers face after reaching an altitude of more than 2500mtr. As you conquer the high altitude, the level of oxygen in the atmosphere drops and your bost finds it difficult to adjust with this suddenly dropped oxygen-level. You can easily keep it at bay by keeping yourself-well hydrated during trekking.

5. Plan for some extra days

Mountains in Nepal are like a surprise package that lures you more than anything else does. It is often found that after touching the magnificent land of Nepal people don’t feel like going back home. In addition, the weather here is also unpredictable. A sudden snowfall may force you to stay inside for a few days. In that case, if you have extras 2-3 days, you can enjoy once the snow got over.

6. Trust the locals more than anything else

There are very high chances that your GPS will be down at most of the places in Nepal. While trekking, you pass through the solitary areas where your internet connectivity would be dying for sure. In that case, your most trusted GPS is the natives. They are aware of each location before the birth of GPS.

7. Water is precious more than anything else

Getting our water at high altitude will cost you a bomb. Though all popular treks have purified water stations at some distance, we would suggest you buy water purification tablets or a hydration bladder.

8. Keep a basic first-aid kit ready

Take a first-aid kit along with you with basic items lie band-aid, disinfectant, ice packs, toilet papers, and sanitizer.

9. Keep a mask or Buff

The air at high altitude is dry and very thin that cause “Khumbu Cough”. A Buuf or mask will help you to prevent it.

10. Don’t litter

Carry your own plastic bag to store your own trash. Nature here is pristine and don’t spoil it.