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Travel to Zanskar in Ladakh

Zanskar Valley in Ladakh – The road not taken

Travels never fail to give you the unmatched adrenaline rush. Discovering new places, seeking out adventures, getting to know new people, and nestling in the different cultures, travelling has its own way of providing the utmost peace of mind. The whole map is filled with places waiting to be stepped on, and every place holds a whole new adventure each time.

Do you ever wonder why people give up their jobs, earnings, possessions to travel the world?
You will never know till you have experienced the thrill yourself. Take the first step and there will be no looking back from then. There are huge number of places waiting to be discovered, among them “Zanskar Valley” is one such mountain-hemmed Buddhist valley that redefines Beauty and Isolation. Rediscover your soul within, engulf and get lost in this majestically rugged valley located in Ladakh.

Zanskar in Geographic Terms

The Zanskar valley is located in a remote corner of Ladakh, with the least possible population you can imagine. The preferred way of reaching this majestic place is by trek, enjoying the scenic beauties on the way. The village Padum is the capital of Zanskar with few numbers of shops and people. This village is roughly located at a rough distance of 250kms from Kargil.

The culture and landscape in every-way resemble the rest of Ladakh, but in every way can be called the most enchanting valley to travel to. The beauty of this place is incomparable with anything else. Zanskar valley often is described as middle of nowhere, and this extremely isolated place is connected by a single motorable road.

Kargil to Padum.

The neighbours of the Zanskar are equally beautiful and the whole journey is bliss in itself. Apart from the enchanting views, one can see after reaching, the way of reaching this place is what makes it more thrilling. There are a number of spots you will come across in your journey from Kargil to Padum that is going to last in your mind for a long time, if not forever.

Suru Valley – Heaven on Earth!

Suru Valley is notably the most enthralling place you can crave to be in. This valley runs through the Zanskar valley and you are sure to make a big mistake if you fail to take a halt in this beautiful place. The number of houses keeps on deceasing while you pass the Suru valley. The Suru River actually separates the Kargil and Zanskar.

Nun and Kun Peaks

The twin peaks of Nun and Kun offers a great landscape and adds a major percent of beauty to the place. The two peaks can be easily differentiated from each other; while Nun is completely snow covered Kun is black and barren. These two peaks are the most prized possession of the Suru Valley. The Suru River will accompany the traveller till he reaches the Drung Drang Glacier.

Crossing Pensi La.

Pensi la, is the gateway to the Zanskar valley. Located at an elevation of 4,400 meters, this is the only road to be taken for travelling to Zanskar Valley from Suru Valley. This pass experiences heavy snow throughout the year and remains open in only one-quarter of the calendar year. Likewise the whole journey this pass is also extremely isolated and the neighbouring areas are sparsely populated. Travelling on this rough road injects in the extreme excitement and the memory is sure to be etched deep in your heart.

Ladakh’s Largest Glacier Drang Drung was tremendously awesome.

Going forward you will see the majestic Drang Drung Glacier. The Drang Drung Glacier is the largest glacier in Ladakh and is the source of the great Suru River. It is located at the highest peak of the Pensi la. The Doda peak also happens to rise from this huge glacier. The Drang Drung glacier is under the shade of the twin peaks “Nun” & “Kun”. Midst the huge browns of the Zanskar Mountains, the Drang Drung Glacier is like a splash of white scattered powder. As long as you do not see what a sight it is, you will never feel the real rush in you.

Interaction with inhabitants near Sani Monastery.

At a rough distance of 5 km before the Padum village, the Sani village is located. The village has a beautiful monastery called the Sani monastery. This calm and serene place compliments the overall isolation of its surroundings. Tuthot, a holy lake stands out to be the primary landmark of the village. The life of the people in this village is not even one percent of what we experience in the cities.

The inhabitants live their way through farming and coping up with the winters, religious practices holds an important place in their everyday life. The villagers have the warmest hearts, unlike the weather and they love to welcome whoever comes to visit them. The whole set up of this resembles the rest of the villages in Ladakh in every way. You will be amazed to see the happy places in every corner ignoring the isolation and rough weathers.

The primary attraction of visiting the Zanskar valley is the journey and adventure you will experience on your way there. Truly the travel to this mesmerizing place will help anyone rediscover his inner peace. The isolation, the landscape, the people, the journey and most primarily the scenic beauty makes it one of the best places to visit each and every-time. The journey is a rough adventure but the end result is nothing like anything.