My Trekking Experience to Gosaikunda Lake Nepal

My Trekking Experience to Gosaikunda Lake Nepal:

Trekking is fancied by a lot of enthusiastic travelers who wish to witness the exceptional beauty of nature in the most unaltered form. Most of the trekking routes are outlined along the Mountains and complimented with stupendous views of the surrounding. Nepal is known as the roof of the world and the majestic mountains make it the ideal place for trekking expeditions. One of the finest trekking routes I have been to in Nepal is the Gosaikunda Lake Trek which is quite a popular trekking spot for the unmatched trekking thrill and unparalleled views of the vast lake.

This lake has become a popular trekking spot over the years owing to the brilliant and artistic setting of the lake. The trail also matches up to the excellence of the destination and along the way, one gets to witness and traverse through a number of small Nepalese settlements and villages. When I started on with the journey, I anticipated for a thunderous walk but as I kept on walking I was totally dumbfounded with the stupendous landscapes of the region. The enthralling beauty of the Langtang Valley was incomparable. Tserko Ri was a destination that offered me a supreme sight of the mighty Langtang Lirung. The journey was not only limited to mountains and lakes, I even got a chance to visit some highly compelling monasteries like the Kyanjin Gompa. After the walk as I reached the Gosaikunda Lake, I was extremely overwhelmed with the artistic setting of the lake.

The Gosaikunda Lake is quite a famous pilgrimage spot for Hindus and Buddhists alike and the locals believe that the serene water of the lake has magical powers to heal any kind of wound.Trekking at the Gosaikunda Lake in the Langtang region is of utmost importance from the religious point as well as from the tourist point. Hundreds of people travel to Gosaikunda Lake because of the religious connections, or sometimes just for the trekking purpose. I being a firm believer of Hinduism went on this trek as for me it served both the purposes. It is said that the Gosaikunda Lake, is the one which cooled down the sharpness of poison in Lord Shiva’s throat caused due to drinking of poison.

What can you see on the route?

As you exceed on the route, you can see lovely lush green surroundings. Dense Forests make your way to a calmer and soother place. Gosaikunda has a religious importance as well as it is surrounded by some lovely monasteries nearby, which defines this lake in the Buddhist religion.

Where is it Located?

Gosaikunda is located in the Langtang National park, which exactly lies in Langtang Village. The location had survived many devastating earthquakes, even one which hit Nepal in the year 2015, though it took lives from nearly 300 houses in the region.

My Itinerary:

Since I was traveling the place all alone, though there were nearly 25 members in the group trekking along. I thought of starting my expedition by getting some blessings from the nearby monasteries. I went to a nearby monastery prayed there and then started my trek. With some apprehensions to see some beautiful views, we started on the trek. The travel was not easy as the roads were filled with potholes, hence had become bumpy. But this is the beauty of Nepal, where you can see enormous land forms on the same road on which you are traveling.

Started with the likes of forests of juniper and pine on the sideways, we left a trail to the Syrabu village. Beautiful and very mesmerizing view of Himalayas was waiting for us and was our final goal. The thrill of stepping near to an ancient lake gives you a mixed feeling, where you feel blessed at the same: you are scared of the uncertainties. The villages in Syabru are broken and seem to be of old time, though that is what the glory of the houses is. After a break, you can move ahead towards the Gosaikunda Lake. From Gosaikunda Lake we were taken back by the route of Sing Gompa which took nearly 4 hours to reach there. From Sing Gompa to Dhanuche again and from there back to Kathmandu for the flight was how my itinerary concluded.

The best part of the journey was the destinations I covered since the very first day. Now every trek in Nepal promises to deliver a unique pukka trekking experience but all journeys begin out of Kathmandu. The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu was a bliss of a place to be in. Vibrant colors marked each road of the evergreen city. The bewildering sight of the distant snow-capped peaks looming in the backdrop was fascinating.

The streets and the marketplaces were a fun place to be in and as I stayed an extra day to explore Kathmandu, I was highly satisfied with the places I visited. As I went on to explore the famous landmarks, I visited the historic Durbar Square, the Hindu Temple of Pashupatinath, the famous Monkey Temple, and one of the largest stupas of the world, Boudhanath. From Kathmandu, I enjoyed a thrilling ride cutting through the astounding beauty of the surrounding all the way to Syabrubesi. After spending the night there I began with my walking towards Lama Hotel and had to cross the Langtang Khola River en route to Lama Hotel. My next stop was Mundu but the walk comprised of an intermediate stop at the Langtang Village. The trail was supremely complimented with brilliant sights of the white Langtang Range and few waterfalls as well. Over the next couple of days, I went to the ancient Kyanjin Gompa and even stayed a day to acclimatize and explore Tserko Ri before coming back to Kyanjin Gompa.

On the 9th day of the walk, I trekked to the Thulo Syabru through the very pretty Rimche Village. From there the next day I went to Shin Gompa and even paid a visit to the Phulung Monastery that falls on the way. The final walk from Shin Gompa was to the Gosaikunda Lake and once I reached there, I was totally bewitched by the astonishing beauty of the lake. The sights of the Ganesh Himal, Hiunchuli Himal, Langtang Range, Annapurna Group and Mt. Manaslu was cherishing. The lake was basking in its own glory filled with serenity and calmness. From there I trekked along the same route to Kathmandu and ended the thrilling journey in Kathmandu.

Where else can you travel when you are on the trek?

When you travel on a trek, you just not travel to the location rather do experience many things on the route. For me on the trek to Gosaikunda, the first thing which attracted me was the shopping streets of Kathmandu. They really have everything which you may require. People of Kathmandu are humble enough to extend help even in selecting things for you. Apart from Kathmandu, my stay at Syabru was something really interesting and apart from that the pictures I clicked concluded my trip with worth value tag.

Safety tip:

•In case you are traveling with the group, make sure to follow the trail.
•Do understand the importance of group traveling while on the adventure treks, as it becomes a life saver for you.