Trekking in and around Manaslu

Trekking in and around Manaslu

Over the years since the time people have come to a realization that exploring Mother Nature is undoubtedly the finest way of quenching the thirst of adventure, trekking had reached new heights. The daring risks people take when they set out to conquer the beauty peaks is worth taking because in the end the trekkers are rewarded with the most satisfying feeling and the supreme sights of nature. My trekking expeditions have been quite grand so far as I chose Nepal to be primary trekking destination. Nepal is a gifted country that hosts some highly enticing sights and the trekking trails in and around Nepal are perfectly crafted to deliver a pukka trekking experience. The Manaslu Trek I did was fascinating as the thrills I enjoyed en route to the Manaslu Base Camp was unmatched.

Mt. Manaslu is the 8th tallest peak in the world and the trail is designed in such a manner that you get to enjoy the entirety of the majestic mountain in an impeccable way. Though it was a long journey each day I was rewarded with a unique surprise. The trail also took me to an astounding elevation of 5160 m, the Lyarka La Pass. This spectacular pass crossing the Himalayas was a remarkable experience. Most parts of the trail were traversing through the mountains and were quite hectic as well. A less explored destination as yet, the trek around Manaslu is fancied by many because of the remoteness of the area. It lets you find your inner self and even dive into the stupendous and magnificence of nature.

Trekking in Manaslu is not that easy because of the unknown weather conditions and as well as the unexplored route. People tend to go to Manaslu in order to explore the newest of all the Himalayan treks. The trek is still considered new as it hardly receives a total of 2000 visitors in a year, while other treks do have a minimum visiting count of 4000-10000 a year. This indicates that there are many things which are still unexplored and you can have an all new feeling to be on the trek where not many had been till now. Here is what you can expect while trekking in and around Manaslu:

The unknown weather conditions

Since Manaslu is a place in the lap of Himalaya the weather conditions are bitingly cold. People enjoy even this biting cold and forget the pain they have met on the way when they reach the highest summit of the Manaslu Trek. The feeling of accomplishment is way more than what they have suffered, hence it is always better to enjoy and to do that be prepared before you even start trekking.

The Shopping Paradise: Kathmandu

When you are on the Manaslu trek, your base stop is in Kathmandu where you can enjoy shopping. You can cross check if you have missed something which you may require some time on the trek as Kathmandu is the first and last stop where you can get any trekking material, en route you will hardly get a chance to enjoy and explore. Enjoy the temples nearby or do visit the souvenir shops from where you can buy some lovely memories for your loved ones.

Panoramic view of Himalaya

As Manaslu trek is the 5th best trek on the Himalayas, the route becomes tougher as it is not that much explored till now in comparison to Annapurna, Langtang or Mount Everest circuits. So you will see the real untouched not so glamorized look of the Himalayas. The beauty of Himalayas can be seen from an angle which less number of people had explored and enjoyed. The views are panoramic and are a perfect companion to be clicked by your camera.

Larkya La mountain pass

Larkya-La mountain pass is one of the magnificent trekking passes in Nepal. You cross this very remote mountain pass during Manaslu circuit trek. The height of Larkya-La pass is 5, 150 meters / 16, 896 feet. From the top of the Larkya-La mountain pass you can get an outstanding view of mighty Himalayan peaks like Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kang Guru and Annapurna II and more.

This is what you can explore, though there are many bridges and canals which you can see on the route to Manaslu circuit trek. You can enjoy the water sports like kayaking, snorkeling etc. The sports are really famous and even the locals enjoy it guiding you. I personally felt really warm when I went on Manaslu Trek. Though a total journey of 6 hours by bus, which took us nearly 14 days to go and return, the story which was untold by nature had its own beauty. In my opinion, one should definitely explore Manaslu trek at least once in the lifetime.