Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers

Valley Of Flowers!! Growing up as a travel enthusiast I had developed this crave for adventure and thrill and wanted to satisfy the needs by means of travelling. I always had this desire to bask in the glory of nature, enjoy the nature’s extravaganza and witness some remarkable natural locations. You know the best thing about nature? It is not crafted according to the choice of any particular person, it has its own form and shape and that is what makes it really fascinating.

Valley of Flowers trek

My journey into the world of nature’s delight took a huge leap when I did my trekking in the Valley Of Flowers. One can easily get from the name that this location is endowed with the most amazing flowers. My walk on this incredible place made me realize that how beautiful a place can be even when it is devoid of human interference and architecture. The Valley Of Flowers is a trekking route quite popular among the nature lovers and the exciting journey is filled with exclusive and beautiful views.

Early monsoon in July, I decided to attempt this trek and look for myself as to why people praise it so much, and boy I was dumbstruck to witness some amazing sights. The trail was fun and enjoyable with not many challenges but what I was rewarded with was in one word ’remarkable’.

Travelling out of the hustles and bustles of Delhi I reached to the highly spiritual place called Haridwar. As it was during the daytime, I really could not enjoy much of the rituals and practices in the Ganga I decided to start off with my journey towards the first base camp at Govind Ghat. A long 10 hours journey cutting through the mountains presented me with incredible and vivid landscapes. Throughout the drive, I thoroughly enjoyed the undivided beauty of the small villages, waterfalls, vast greenery, rivers, and the clouds breezing over the tall peaks. It was a treat to the eyes. The long hectic journey finally concluded in the base camp of Govind Ghat and I enjoyed a quaint night.

The morning was blissful, misty fog, clouds, and the majestic mountain peak in the backdrop looked enchanting. Sipping on to the freshly prepared tea I was gauging at this raw magnificence of nature. My next stop was scheduled at Ghangaria and I started off with the walk early. The long 17 km walk was waiting for me that ran mostly on the level path making it a leisure experience. The serene and calm surroundings were revitalizing me from within and along the walk, I had this inner peace that was making me extremely happy. The long walk ended in Ghangaria. I had an amazing dinner served warm and fresh that I actually enjoyed. The base camp offered enthralling views of the surroundings and it was a nice place to spend the night.

The following morning was so restless for me, I was overwhelmed to commence the final journey to the incredible valley of flowers. The sun was shining the brightest and the mountains looked bewildering. I prepared myself for the short yet tough trek that will take me 2000 ft above. As soon as I began walking, I was already gazing at some really beautiful flowers. The likes of Cobra Lily and Blue Poppies among many other colourful flowers was putting my excitement in a new genre.

Finally, I was inside the national park sitting on a solitary rock and witnessing vibrant colours. The flower bed looked astonishing and the cascading waterfalls seemed to have complemented well to the scenery. I even wondered about some unknown migratory bird species adding colour to the snow-capped peaks in the background. It was paradise and highly enjoyable.

The Valley of Flowers trail concludes at Hemkund Sahib and the trail that followed was taxing for the body but it was a fascinating walk. Mystical fogs were spread out like a thick blanket and it was looking beautiful. In Hemkund Sahib I took a relaxing dip in the ‘Kund’ before entering the beautiful Gurudwara. And from there it was a refreshing walk backwards. Traversing on the same path I reach Ghangaria for the night stop.

The Valley of Flowers Trek has given me much more than I anticipated. It was a walk filled with fun and adventure and saturated with colourful and exhilarating views all around. If you are looking for a route that can bring you closer to nature, look no further than Valley Of Flowers.