What kind of experience is rafting in Trishuli River

What kind of experience is rafting in Trishuli River

Rafting is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating water sports to do and if it is Trishuli River, the takeaways are even more exciting and spine-tingling. The river has all the elements to give you a stimulating rafting experience. The beautiful shore, crystal-clear water, gushing water flow awe-inspiring scenery, and easy accessibility are most of its major attraction which makes it the first choice for rafting lovers.

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This 30km long river is situated at an easy drive of 3-4 hours to the west of Kathmandu. The tourists who are in en route to Pokhara and Chitwan National Park can stop by here to experience the rafting in this majestic river. Depending on your availability, you can easily enjoy the rafting in Trishuli for a good 3 days. This river will provide you grade 3 rafting experience.

What to do?

The adventure provided by Trishuli River is not limited to rafting only. You can easily do other activities like tubing, kayaking as well. In addition, canyoning is another fun activity to do. Don’t forget to go for a cable car hill trek while you are here.

What will you experience?

Of course, an unforgettable rafting experience. Other than that, you will be experiencing the magnificent scenery all around the place. The place blends the natural beauty and man-made beauty in a perfect portion. At one corner, you will have a glimpse of small yet captivating gorge coming out of hill while the cable car will take you to the famous temple “Manakamana”. The rich flora and fauna again offer a delightful watching of the surroundings.

When to go?

The river is good to raft all around the river. However, the water is pretty cold in the winters. It is will give you Goosebumps when that cold water will touch your face while you are riding over waves. During the summer season, the rapids in the rivers are of moderate intensity which is good for first-time rafters as well. Plus, the temperature of the water is also quite bearable.

The monsoon reason increases the water level and current intensity up to a good extent. So, this season is only good for those who are pro rafters and have done the activity before. You need to have a certain set of expertise to ride over those gushing and rapid waves.

What challenges will you face?

Rafting in Trishuli is quite easy and hassle-free. But, the monsoon season makes the river go little wild. The high currents and the increased water level will put forward challenges for the first-time rafters. Even the experienced one also finds it difficult to conquer over those sky-high waves.

What should you carry?

Never forget to bring your most comfortable shorts and a light t-shirt. Better to carry swimwear. Comfortable footwear goes without saying. Towels will help you to dry off after the rafting. Your Sun Block will guard your skin from harsh sun rays. The weather will become a little cold during the evening so better to carry warmers or sweaters. At last, a camera is must thing to capture the beautiful scenery.

Our suggestions

While you are here in Nepal, definitely try the rafting in this magnificent river. The activity will fill you travel diaries with many memorable moments. As nature is unpredictable and erratic, we would suggest you call the professional help. The guides will help you to find the route and will make you aware of the essential safety tips. In addition, your safety is what matters the most. So, have an excellent experience with rafting in Trishuli.