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Zingchen to Chilling

Zingchen to Chilling

When someone takes the decision of trekking, the first thing that strikes the mind is what are they going to witness in the journey. Trekking is often attempted by travelers to quench their thirst for adventure and the grandeur of nature. I personally believe trekking to be the finest mode of exploring a region and extracting the best out of any place. It lets me sink into the culture, allows me to witness the glory of nature, and also aids in providing a good health. My trekking expeditions have been quite brilliant and the Zinchen to Chilling Trek was one of the latest addition to the list.

Zingechen to Chilling Homestay Trek

The Zingchen to Chilling Trek is a very popular trekking route owing to the supreme beauty of nature one can witness here. A very short and crisp journey perfectly crafted to deliver the unmatched beauty of nature in every direction and make the experience a memorable one. My attempt to this trail was truly overwhelming as I witnessed everything I could have asked for. From the extensive beauty of nature, the vivid landscapes, and the small villages, the trek was one of the finest and a thoroughly enjoyable one. It was a dive into the unparallel raw form of Mother Nature and each day I was surprised by the locations more and more.

We all know that Leh is an incomparable destination to be in, and as this journey lies in the Leh region, I had an amazing time in every second of the journey. Though the journey did not last for more than four days, enticing trail and the incredible homestays was a beautiful experience. The walk up to the Ganda La added the right amount of thrill to the journey.

My first day in Leh was a sublime experience. As soon as I landed in Leh, I was totally enthralled by the rugged landscapes of the region. I had an amazing time exploring the Leh region and in here I visited the famous spots like the Hemis Monastery, Thiksey Monastery, Shey Palace, and the very beautiful Shanti Stupa.

From Leh, I started with a drive on the daunting roads towards Zingchen, the path cutting through nature’s wonder was such a cherishing experience. As I reached Zingchen, the trek began towards Rumbak, my first stop. En route to Rumbak, I had to cross the famous Hemis National Park, well known to be the home of the ghost cat- Snow Leopard. The park offered nature’s extravaganza at its prime form. In Rumbak I spent the night in a homestay which was a remarkable experience.

The next morning I was treated with a traditional Ladakhi Breakfast which was delicious. My next stop was Yurutse at a distance of 3 hours only and once I was in there, the captivating setting of the place was admirable. A bit of wildlife sightseeing was followed by the night in the Homestay. A long journey awaited the next day as I had to walk towards Kaya Village. The walk out of Yurutse led me to the astounding Ganda La Pass and the sight of the surrounding from the top of the pass was picturesque. From there I walked on the descending trail towards Kaya Village.

The final day was here and I was quite heartbroken to leave the place and go back to my hometown. The final journey was to Chilling Village and from there back to Leh. The trail to Chilling traversed through the breathtaking Zanskar River. After enjoying the striking brilliance of the Chilling, I resumed on the final drive back to Leh.

Once I was back in Leh, I knew I had to got back at the earliest but I was happy to carry the beautiful memories with me. This short journey of Zingchen to Chilling was actually a very fine way to explore the best of the region. I had an amazing time here and you can have it too.